Robinhood alternate ending

King Richard checking on the wounded Robin Hood

In this version of the ending of Disney's 1973 movie, Robin Hood, Robin is wounded by one of the arrows shot at him as he's escaping the burning castle, caused by the Sheriff of Nottingham. As Prince John and his soldiers head out to pursue him, Robin gets rescued by Little John, who takes him to the church to have his wounds treated by Maid Marian and Little Sister. Sir Hiss spots the drops of blood left by Robin and he and Prince John follow the trail leading to the church. Seeing Little John leaving the church, Prince John figures that Robin Hood is also there, and probably alone. Entering the church, Prince John approaches Maid Marian and an unconscious Robin Hood. He offers to "put Robin out of his misery" while drawing a dagger out of his cloak. Maid Marian bravely tells him to not come any closer and that he's not the king, to which Prince John retorts that no one gives orders to "King John". Suddenly, King Richard, much to Maid Marian's delight and Prince John's horror, steps in saying "Well, Brother John, up to your old tricks I see". King Richard, even though Prince John deserves it for leaving the people oppressed and using the crown for his own selfish interests, doesn't banish him because it would upset their mother, but probably has a more severe punishment in mind. Some time later, King Richard returns Nottingham to its rightful glory, knights Robin Hood as "Sir Robin of Locksley," and orders Friar Tuck to marry Robin and Maid Marian, which is done soon. This also reveals that Little John is dubbed as a duke (this probably is why he is shown that way in the real ending). The Sheriff also attends the wedding as a guest, and is seen in the pews, ironically crying with joy at the wedding despite having tried to kill the groom. The word "The End" appeared as Robin and Maid Marian rode away in the carriage like the ending of the final movie. The reason this ending didn't make it to the final film could be because it's too dark for younger children.
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