RoboDz Kazagumo Hen (RoboDz 風雲編 Robodīzu Kazagumo Hen?) is a computer animated Japanese series, co-produced between The Walt Disney Company and Toei Animation. It began airing on Japan's Toon Disney on June 21, 2008. The episodes are animated in 3D. The show premiered in the United States June 29, 2009[1] on Disney XD (formerly Toon Disney/Jetix) as simply "RoboDz". It is the first anime to be co-produced by Disney[citation needed]. Jeff Nimoy announced at The Anime Lodge that he would be writing and directing the English adaptation.[2] It is a shortform series with each episode lasting approximately 5 minutes.

Episode list

Season 1

# Title Written by Directed by U.S. Air Date Production Code
1 Story Sold Separately June 29, 2009 101
2 Jokes Not Included July 11, 2009 102
3 In Color July 11, 2009 103
4 Shake Well Before Watching July 18, 2009 104
5 Avoid Contact With Eyes July 18, 2009 105
6 No Preservatives or Story Added July 25, 2009 106
7 Tastes Like Chicken July 25, 2009 107


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