Donald Duck Modern Inventions 015

The Robot Butler introduces himself.

Your hat, sir.
―The Robot Butler's programmed reaction to headwear.

The Robot Butler is one of the attractions at the Museum of Modern Marvels in the Donald Duck cartoon Modern Inventions. He is voiced by Billy Bletcher.


Donald Duck Modern Inventions 020

The Robot Butler takes his first hat.

His job is to take the hat of anyone who comes into the museum.


Donald Duck Modern Inventions 040

The Robot Butler takes his second hat.

The Robot Butler seems compelled to take someone's hat whether they want him to or not. He'll also follow the visitors of the museum around and takes their hats if he finds them on him or her.

Hats taken from Donald

Donald Duck Modern Inventions 069

The Robot Butler chases after Donald.

  • Donald's classic white sailor's hat.
  • A top hat.
  • A Napoleonic officer hat.
  • A baby bonnet.
  • A derby.


The Robot Butler appears to be very polite as he answered Donald's question of who he was. He also continually refers to Donald as "sir". However, he becomes greatly annoyed when Donald refuses to give up his hat, shoving Donald down to take it. The Robot then thanks Donald. Also, when Donald put on a civil war kerpi, the only hat the robot didn't take, the Robot Butler's eye turns red, and he chases after Donald.

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