The Robot Nurse Maid is a machine at the Museum of Modern Marvels from the 1937 short Modern Inventions. She is voiced by Adriana Caselotti.


Modern Inventions

The machine appears just in time as Donald flees from the Robot Butler he angered. Realizing where he hid, Donald pretends to be a baby to test what the carriage can do. At first, he seems to like the motherly nurse maid and is even amused, however, he quickly changed his opinion when he demanded to be feed and it sprayed milk directly to his face. Angered, he attempts to leave the baby carriage but the machine quickly restrains him into the seat. After hitting Donald with the whistling toy and spraying him with milk again, the machine proceeded to change Donald's diaper, however, it added too much baby powder, making Donald cough so hard he left the chair in a quick jump.


The purpose of the machine is to take care of an infant. The robot's equipped with a lullaby, a whistling toy, a bottle of milk, and a metal belt. She can also change a baby's diaper, and has the proper equipment and protocol to do so. She also has a calm, soothing voice.


The Robot Nurse Maid cannot tell if one is or isn’t a baby. Therefore, she mistakes Donald Duck for an infant and treats him like one. When the Nurse Maid gives milk, it takes a bottle and slams the bottom of it, spraying the baby with milk.


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