The Robot Queen was built by toymaker Hiram Flaversham on Professor Ratigan's orders as part of Ratigan's nefarious scheme to become ruler of Mousedom in The Great Mouse Detective.


It has the same appearance as Queen Mousetoria herself on the evening of her Diamond Jubilee. The robot's movements are controlled by one operating the controls. Anyone talking into a voice-changing speaker attached to the controls makes the robot speak in the Queen's voice.

Role in the film

Fidget kidnaps Hiram Flaversham and takes him to Professor Ratigan, who threatens to feed Flaversham's daughter Olivia to Ratigan's pet cat Felicia unless Flaversham complies with Ratigan's orders to build the robot for his sinister plan. Ratigan forcefully demands Flaversham to finish the robot by the time of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which he does so. Once the robot is finished, it is wrapped in a large package to be carried off to Buckingham Palace.

After arriving at the palace, the thugs, disguised as royal guards, deliver the package to Queen Mousetoria, but when it is opened, the Queen is dumbfounded to find her robot replica, which suddenly comes to life and chases her around, controlled by Flaversham on Ratigan's command. As Ratigan presents himself before the Queen, she orders Ratigan to be arrested, but Ratigan shouts into a speaker that makes the Robot Queen speak, ordering the capture of the real Queen instead.

During the Jubilee, the Robot Queen makes an appearance in front of the gathered citizens (who do not know it is a robot), with Flaversham behind the curtains controlling and speaking into the speaker while being held at gunpoint by the thugs. The Robot Queen names her "Royal Consort", Ratigan, who promptly appears before the terrified citizens. However, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia arrive at the palace just in time to save the real Queen. Finding the thugs threatening Flaversham, Basil and Dawson subdue the thugs. Basil then takes the controls and speaks into the speaker, making the Robot Queen denounce Ratigan. As Ratigan fights off the robot, Basil jerks hard on the controls, causing the robot to fall apart.


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