"Rock 'n' Roll Mom" is an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie. It originally aired on ABC on February 7, 1988. To date, the film has only been released on home media in the UK, under the title "Rock 'n Roll Mum".


Dyan Cannon portrays Annie Hackett, an aspiring singer and suburban mother of two, who rocks and rolls her way through her household chores. When one of her songs is bought by a hip record executive for his label's biggest star, Darcy X (Dynasty's Heather Locklear), Annie is unexpectedly drafted into doing the demo record. To everyone's surprise, Annie's demo version becomes a hit, and Annie finds herself being groomed into a sexy Madonna-like idol! But the fun and fantasy of Annie's hot new image hit a sour not when she is told that her identity, her past - and her children - must remain a secret!


  • Dyan Cannon ... Annie Hackett
  • Michael Brandon ... Jeff Robins
  • Telma Hopkins ... Edda
  • Nancy Lenehan ... Connie
  • Josh Blake ... Nicky
  • Amy Lynne ... Emma
  • Fran Drescher ... Jody Levin
  • Alex Rocco
  • Joe Pantoliano ... Ronnie
  • Heather Locklear ... Darcy X
  • Nina Blackwood ... Video DJ
  • Maree Cheatham ... Janine
  • Waddy Wachtel ... Himself
  • David Paymer ... Boris
  • Jonathan Chapin ... Emcee
  • Paula Hoffman ... Shelley
  • Anne Rogers  ... Fritzie
  • John Hostetter ... Johnny
  • Billy Elmer ... Jelly Belly
  • Ian Fried ... Albert
  • Chad Hayes ... engineer
  • Beverley Horn ... Lucy
  • Alan Berger ... Stage Manager
  • Niche Saboda ... Emcee
  • Clay Wilcox ... Eric
  • José Eber ... Himself
  • Jasper Cole ... Announcer (uncredited)
  • Sharon Davis ... Photographer (uncredited)


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