Rocket & Groot is a series of shorts based on Guardians of the Galaxy. The shorts star the titular characters before they became part of the Guardians of the Galaxy team as they go to great lengths to afford a new ship. The show aired on Disney XD from March 10 to May 1, 2017.



No. in Series No. in Season Title Air date
01 01 "Dream Machine" March 10, 2017
Rocket and Groot find their dream ship in the Broker's Junkyard, but encounter one very expensive problem before they can buy it.
02 02 "A Peace of Cake" March 16, 2017
In search of easy credits, Rocket and Groot take on what seems like a cute and fuzzy bounty...but it goes horribly wrong!
03 03 "Black Tie Only" March 23, 2017
When his search for a bounty leads to a five-star restaurant, Rocket must defy all odds...mainly, his personal hygiene.
04 04 "The Space Race" March 24, 2017
Rocket's scheme to win a space race gets thwarted by his arch-nemesis, Blackjack O'Hare.
05 05 "Space Walk" May 1, 2017
One of Rocket's makeshift repairs leaves Rocket and Groot floating in space.
06 06 "Shapeshifter" May 1, 2017
When their newest bounty turns out to be a shapeshifter, Rocket and Groot's friendship is put to the ultimate test!
07 07 "Golden Nuggets" May 1, 2017
Rocket seeks some very valuable minerals or, as Groot points out, the 'droppings' of a large space chicken.
08 08 "Short Cut" May 1, 2017
Ignoring Groot and the GPS, Rocket attempts a shortcut to Groot's favorite diner before it closes.
09 09 "Distractions" May 1, 2017
In pursuit of a priceless jewel, Rocket and Groot show up to a fancy dinner party uninvited.
10 10 "It’s the Little Things" May 1, 2017
It's war of the rodents when Rocket faces off against a wire-eating intruder on the ship!
11 11 "Desperate Measures" May 1, 2017
Rocket is faced with a tough choice between credits and friendship.
12 12 "That New Ship Smell" May 1, 2017
Rocket and Groot finally get their dream ship...and they hate it!

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