Rockin' Space Mountain was a temporary seasonal overlay of Space Mountain, which changed the theme of the ride to that of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in space, to the tune of the band's cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground." The overlay utilized different special effects than the normal Space Mountain, such as LED concert-style lighting. The overlay coincided with Rockin' California Screamin' at the adjacent Disney's California Adventure, which also featured a new soundtrack by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The overlay did not return in 2008. The special effects used in Rockin' Space Mountain will reportedly be reworked for use in Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy, a Halloween overlay of Space Mountain.


The Rockin' Space Mountain concept started out as Rock It Mountain, an overlay that would take over Space Mountain every night. Evidence of this can be seen on the A Musical History of Disneyland 6-CD set, where the new Space Mountain soundtrack by Michael Giacchino was titled as "Space Mountain (New Daytime Track)," as that soundtrack was originally planned to only be used during daylight hours before the attraction transitioned into Rock It Mountain. Rock It Mountain never appeared to the general public, but appeared during 2006 Grad Nites, using the song "Let It Out" by Hoobastank, with a voiceover by "Cosmic Ray". The "sound check" at the beginning of the soundtrack was recycled for Rockin' Space Mountain, but the voiceover at the beginning was re-recorded by 95.5 KLOS disc jockey "Uncle" Joe Benson.

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