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"Role of a Lifetime" is a song from "The Tech Rehearsal", the eighth episode of the first season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It is performed by Miss Jenn featuring a special appearance by Lucas Grabeel as himself.


Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders) leads a technical rehearsal, but is hesitant to work at El Rey Theater due to an unpleasant memory regarding the original film premiere, where she discovered that her line in the movie had been cut.

After falling unconscious in a dazed state, she dreams of performing a song with Lucas Grabeel, which later inspires her to redirect the production back to East High. The song is about her biggest role ever: the director.


Those kids they do believe in you
And that's worth so much more
Then a line about a piece of fruit
Or a Tony Award
Miss Jenn:
I was going for an EGOT
Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Think of this as the role of a lifetime
It's the part you were born to play
Keeping their dreams in your sight line
Now it's their turn to take the stage

Think of this as a role to remember
Like Elphaba or Eponine
Miss Jenn:
I'm more of a Glinda
It's all of the things you could ever bring to a scene
You know what I mean?

So give it your all
Right from the start
You gotta play this from the heart
You're their teacher, you're the lead
And you're off book now

Give it a go
Show 'em the way
We're all in this together
At the end of the day
I should know after all
I played Ryan (Ryan)

Miss Jenn:
Is this the role of a lifetime?
The part I was born to play?
Showing them how to smile in the bright lights
Now it's their turn to take the stage

This could be a role to remember
Like Elsa or Eva Peron
I'll teach them to channel their feelings
I'll share what I know
And live for the show

I'll give it my all
Right from the start
I gotta play this from the heart
I'm their teacher, I'm the lead
And I'm off book now

Lucas & Miss Jenn:
Give it a go
Show 'em the way
You gotta let the music play
This is now and the rest is history

Miss Jenn:
I felt small, I couldn't breathe
When they took that apple from me
But you're right here now
And you never know when you'll get a cameo (cameo)

Miss Jenn:
So give it your all
Right from the start
You gotta let them play their parts
Tonight, all the roles
Will be played by the drama students of East High

Lucas & Miss Jenn:
Give it a go
Show 'em the way
You gotta let the music play
This is now and we're making history
History (history)


  • The song makes reference to various female lead characters in Broadway shows: Elphaba from Wicked, Ephonine from Les Misérables, Elsa from Frozen and Eva Peron from Evita. Elsa's dress also appears in the performance.
  • When Lucas mentions Elphaba from Wicked, Miss Jenn quickly says "I'm more of a Glinda", referring to a role Kate Reinders actually played on Broadway.


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