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Oh, why did I have to be born so cute that every kid in the world wants to play with me?

Rolly is a fun-loving pug puppy who is the protagonist, along with Bingo, from the 2017 animated Disney Junior series, Puppy Dog Pals.



Rolly is a fun-loving, cute, and silly pup. He is constantly joking and making the best of moments, and loves a good joke. He is not as smart as his brother Bingo, you could say, but makes up for it with his hilarious personality. He is very kind to others. He is playful, funny, clumsy, easily distracted, and overall a great pup.

Physical Appearance

Rolly is a pug with a beige skin tone-ish color. You could call it tumbleweed. He has darker/brown spots at his ears and muzzle, and blue eyes. Rolly's collar is red with a bone tag, or with his mission collar, red with a bone symbol.


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