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Well, well, well. If it isn't the young prince. One of these days we'll meet up again, and when we do...
―Ronno keeping his grudge against Bambi, foreshadowing their fight as adults

Ronno is the secondary antagonist of the Disney 1942 animated feature film Bambi and the main antagonist of its 2006 midquel.



A a fawn, Ronno is not very kind. He is a braggart, a bully, a liar, a coward, and a wimp. He is shown to be an overconfident, arrogant jerk who is usually seen bullying Bambi and trying to steal Faline from him. Ronno desires Faline for superficial reasons and views her as a prize to be claimed, in contrast to Bambi, who truly loves her.

He is also shown to be very rude to his mother by berating her for bothering him when he is trying to make new friends, but runs to her when in danger (e.g. Man's dogs and being bitten on the nose by a turtle). Ronno is also shown to be a spoiled brat whose only possible redeeming quality is the fact that, like every other deer in the forest, he is at least capable of showing respect to the Great Prince of the Forest.

As an adult, Ronno is more competent and composed, yet his cruel streak has only heightened as shown by him attempting to mate with Faline by force.

Physical appearance[]

As a fawn, Ronno had dark auburn fur, green eyes, a hole in his right ear, and budding antlers. As a young adult, Ronno remains the same, but his eyes change from green to brown and he has antlers with three points on them.

Judging by his appearance, Ronno is roughly a few months older than Bambi. As fawns, Ronno had budding antlers and no spots, while Bambi had no antlers and still had spots whilst young adults, Ronno has three points on his antlers, while Bambi only has two.



In the original movie, Ronno first appears from a bush where Faline disappeared, while she and Bambi were on Cloud 9. Ronno doesn't speak, but his actions do. He had a crush on Faline since childhood, and he wanted her for his mate - whether she liked him or not. He tried to force Bambi out of his way, while trying to force Faline to go with him. Bambi charges at Ronno, and they fight. At the end of the fight, Bambi knocks Ronno off the cliff and into the water. It is unknown whether or not he survived the forest fire.

Bambi II[]


Fawn Ronno in Bambi II.

In Bambi II, Ronno is given a much bigger part, and he talks. While Bambi and his friends were watching the Groundhog, Ronno scares him back into his hole with a "BOO!" and laughs while the other animals leave in disappointment. However, he stops them and tells them that he saw a man and butted him with his antlers. This is clearly a tall tale he pulls just to garner attention. Faline, who knows that it is impossible for a fawn to defeat a man, politely, and without offending, says it was unbelievable, though with noticeable sarcasm in her voice. Bambi, who really believes that Ronno had done such a feat (as a testament to his innocent naivete), thinks it is unbelievable too, though he says it in awe. Ronno thinks that Bambi doesn't believe him and thinks that Bambi is accusing him of lying, so he challenges Bambi to a fight. Thumper tells Bambi to clobber him. Ronno continues to goad Bambi by insulting his name, saying: "Bambi? Isn't that a girl's name?" and laughing, insisting that Bambi spar with him while backing the smaller him up against a tree. Just before they get in a fight, Ronno's mother calls him, and he reluctantly returns to her and he yells: "Ma! How many times do I have to tell ya, don't bother me when I'm trying to make new friends!" to which his mother replies: "Sorry, Dear."

Ronno also develops a crush on Faline, and he tells her about himself, but Faline thinks Ronno isn't what he claims to be and shows clear displeasure. When Ronno tries to force Faline to leave with him (like he tried to do as an adult in the first film), Bambi comes to her defense, to which Ronno starts to tease Bambi again, this time about being friends with Thumper and Flower. Thumper pushes Bambi forward, trying to encourage him to stand up to Ronno, and Bambi ends up headbutting Ronno into the mud. Ronno then starts to chase Bambi and Thumper, fully intending to beat them up. During the chase, Bambi jumps over a chasm and he and Thumper run into his father, while Ronno, frightened by the sight of the Great Prince, backs away into the bushes. Bambi's father is shocked by the jump, and he comments that he didn't make a jump like that until he had antlers. While they return home, Ronno tries to make the jump and he nearly makes it, but he falls into a mud pit instead.

Later, Ronno is seen running with the other deer, and he taunts Bambi with a raised tail and a haughty stance before taking off. When the Great Prince runs past him, he exclaims: "Whoa!" and he tries to catch up to him, but he sees Bambi running next to him, and Ronno tries to outrun him, but the Great Prince lovingly gestures for Bambi to join him. Ronno is shocked when Bambi outruns him, and catches up to his father.

Later on, he shows up and taunts Bambi while Mena is taking Bambi to his new home, saying that he wanted to say goodbye, thought they were pals, and really felt sorry for Bambi having a father that was so ashamed of him, he'd give him away. This makes Bambi angry enough to attack, and in the fight, they mistakenly push Mena into a snare trap. She tells them to get out of there immediately in a panic, and the bell on the trap immediately alerts the hunters and their dogs to their location. Ronno runs off, screaming: "Mommy!" but Bambi freezes in fear. After Mena repeats Bambi's mother's last words before her death, Bambi is determined not to let history repeat itself, and he lures the hunting dogs away. The Great Prince arrives and frees Mena from the snare trap.

Ronno shows up after Faline and Bambi kiss, and he tells Bambi that they'll meet again. He then trips on a turtle, which snaps and bites his nose.

House of Mouse[]

Ronno made two appearances in the series. In the episode "Goofy's Menu Magic", he can be seen waiting on the line for some of Goofy's soup. In "House of Genius", he was seen waiting to be seated when Donald and Daisy were sleeping on the job. Although Ronno does not appear in Mickey's House of Villains, it is believed that he took part in the takeover.


  • In the first film, Ronno doesn't speak, but his behavior is expressed through the look of hatred on his face and his actions.
  • He named his antlers Stab and Jab in Bambi II.
  • In the original book that Bambi was based on, Ronno was said to have been one of the young princes of the forest, alongside Bambi and another deer named Karus.
  • In the midquel, Ronno tries to force Faline to leave with him, but Bambi beats Ronno in a fight, just like he did in the first movie, when they were adults.
  • It is shown that Ronno is extremely jealous of Bambi, because he is the son of the Great Prince of the Forest.
  • As a child, his eyes are green, but as an adult, his eyes are brown.




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