Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews is a famous rising artist and Cyrus DeBarge love interest in the movie Let it Shine. She was portrayed by Coco Jones.


Roxanne "Roxie" is Cyrus’ and Kris' former classmate, who has blossomed into beautiful rising star. Although she’s climbing to the top of the music game, her crazy costumes and heavy use of a “vocoder” are preventing the public from seeing her true talent. In the movie, she says she knows her voice is good but asks Cyrus "is it special?".


Roxanne is a famous singer. She went to kindergarten with Cyrus and Kris. She hosts the competition that Cyrus enters. She was really hurt and crushed when Cyrus didn't tell her the truth.


Cyrus DeBarge

They are old childhood friends. Cyrus has been crushing on her ever since. She finds that she can talk to Cyrus more easily than Kris and that have more in commom. During the Me and You song in the movie Cyrus reveals that he is Truth not Kris and after the song Roxie goes to her dressing room and Cyrus follows her, she slaps him after he begs for forgiveness. As Kris tells Roxanne that Cyrus is real and that he only lied to her because he thought she would be better off with Kris as Roxanne forgives Cyrus and they start going out as a couple.

Kris McDuffy

Roxanne falls in love with Kris when she thinks he performed the song that Cyrus performed. After she falls out of love with Kris and falls in love with Cyrus.


Lyla is Roxanne's manager, stylist, and sometimes mother. Lyla promised Roxanne's father that she would take care of Roxie, while on the road. Roxie sometimes thinks that Lyla doesn't care about her, but Lyla always says she does.

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