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Rudy[1] is the elderly peasant who "threw off Emperor Kuzco's groove". He is also a main character in the sequel Kronk's New Groove. He was originally voiced by the late John Fiedler, who was also the original voice of Piglet in the Winnie the Pooh franchise.


The Emperor's New Groove

Rudy first appears in the opening of the film when the musical number "Perfect World" stops for a while. When he inadvertently interferes with Kuzco's dance moves, the emperor angrily blames him for "throwing off his groove", in which a nearby guard expels him by defenestrating him from a palace window. He later appears when Pacha goes to visit Kuzco in his palace when one of his slippers falls on him in which Pacha gives the slipper back to Rudy kindly, but before going to enter Kuzco's palace, he rescues him stuck on one of the banners outside Kuzco's palace in which Rudy warns Pacha to be careful of Kuzco's selfishness of expelling innocent peasants from his palace. Rudy returns at the end of the movie where a changed Kuzco apologizes for his behavior and he happily accepts.

Kronk's New Groove

Rudy returns in this film this time frequently appearing unlike in the first film where he makes minor appearances. In this sequel, Rudy first appears during the musical number Be True to Your Groove and later when Kronk mingles with many of the elderly peasants until he follows Yzma spying on him to give the elders a youth potion that could help them. Later, Rudy then reveals that he and the other elders sold their stuff to Yzma for her potions. When it is later revealed that Yzma's potions are fake, he and the other elders are seen going after Yzma when her potions that could help the elders are fake in which he and the others chase her for giving them fake potions until Yzma turns into a rabbit and gets captured by a condor.

Near the end of the film, Tipo warns Rudy about Kronk getting in trouble in which he and the other citizens disguised as Kronk's fake family members arrive when Papi arrives in Mudka's Meat Hut. He is later seen during the end of the film during Kronk and Ms. Birdwell's wedding. He is last seen in a photo where he pulls a cart labeled "Just Married" with Kronk and Birdwell married together.


  • Rudy claims that he has been thrown out the window numerous times.
  • Rudy was John Fiedler's final movie role before his death.


The Emperor's New Groove

Kronk's New Groove


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