This article is about the character Rufus from Life Is Ruff. For other characters, see Rufus.

Rufus is Raymond Figg's new pet dog in Disney's Life is Ruff. He is a brown Chihuahua with a white belly.

Role in the film

Rufus is named by Calvin Wheeler due to his opinion about Rufus' social skill problems which involves barking continuously at everyone; much against Emily Watson's opinion since her boss, Mr. Dudley doesn't approve of naming animals at the shelter after the shelter has been saved by Calvin and former resident, Tyco. Figg can easily tell that Rufus is just scared, so, he enters the cage and starts bonding with him.

Since Rufus weighs less than the 7 pounds weight limit on pets of his apartment complex (5.2 or 5.3), Figg decides to adopt him. Seeing how well Rufus is performing with him, Calvin tries to talk Figg into teaming up with their dogs as a tag team with him as the manager "to help count all the money" for next year's competition.


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