The Giant Rumblebuffin is a character in the 2005 Disney adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A member of the Buffin giant family, Rumblebuffin is one of the most respected giants in the world of Narnia (as mentioned by Tumnus in the original book, though not mentioned in the film itself).


At some unknown point, Rumblebuffin became a stone prisoner in Jadis' Courtyard before Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and Susan arrived at Narnia. Rumblebuffin was petrified into statue form alongside the other Narnians in the courtyard when Edmund arrived. After being freed by Aslan, Rumblebuffin supports in helping Aslan defeat the White Witch and her minions during battle.

Role in the film

Rumblebuffin is first seen as a stone prisoner in Jadis' courtyard as Edmund looks around the area, noticing that he was turned into stone along with the other prisoners inside. Eventually, Aslan manages to free him from Jadis' spell using his breath, along with the other victims who were turned into stone just as Aslan arrives at the battlefield with reinforcements he rescued from the courtyard to help Peter and Edmund during battle to save Narnia from Jadis' rule. Rumblebuffin then appears during the final battle against Jadis where he swings his club against two minotaurs. The battle, however, ends after Aslan kills Jadis, ending her rule forever.


  • Unlike in the books, Rumblebuffin's entire appearance in the Disney version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was almost omitted throughout the film, except for his statue form and his very brief appearance during the final battle to which the character had no spoken lines throughout the entire film. In the original story, he used his club to open the door after Aslan freed him so that he and the other Narnians can escape the White Witch's courtyard.
  • In the video game adaptation of the Disney version, Rumblebuffin's design was used for one of the bad giants during the "Battle of Beruna" as the first giant Peter and Edmund encounter while fighting off Jadis' minions during the first phase. The player must defeat a number of enemies and then summon reinforcements to defeat the giant before it destroys the archers. The same giant appears again with two other unnamed giants throughout battle during the third phase - though the actual Rumblebuffin throughout the game is omitted.

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