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Rusty McAllister (or simply Rusty) is a minor character in the 2004 DisneyPixar animated film The Incredibles. He is also a playable character in Disney Crossy Road.

He seems to be a fan of superheroes and gets a little surprised when he sees Mr. Incredible using his powers when he was lifting his car and then after the death of Syndrome when the house blew up he was amazed by the actions that superheroes do.[1]

He was voiced by Nicholas Bird, who was also the voice of Squirt in Finding Nemo, and son of director Brad Bird and the brother of Michael Bird.



So far from the movie, Rusty seems to be shy, quiet, and a bit nosey. Then yet he is also a nice and respectful person. He's only appeared three times in the movie. It also hints that Rusty is curious about superheroes when he once saw Mr. Incredible use his powers while lifting his car in a very angry mood and was easily-surprised by this. He must be very inspired by superheroes actions and their powers. Also Mr. Incredible might be one of his biggest fan's in the film.

Role in the film[]

Rusty is a minor character on the feature film The Incredibles. He's a little boy that rides a tricycle and wears a cap. He really loves superheroes. It's possible that he might be a neighbor to Mr. Incredible since he appeared on his street. Rusty sees Mr. Incredible lifting up his car in an angry manner after having a bad day at work in a attempt to throw it. While using his powers, he becomes surprised that he blew a bubble with his gum which suddenly pops. He then appears again on Mr. Incredible's yard after getting fired for injuring Gilbert Huph for his refusal to help a mugged victim at the cost of Huph's friendship with Rick Dicker and he asks Rusty: "Well, what are you waiting for?" then Rusty responds: "I don't know, something amazing, I guess". His last appearance in the movie was near the end of the film when Syndrome gets defeated by the Parr family for trying to kidnap Jack-Jack and The Incredibles house blows up and after it blew up. Rusty says in an amazed way: "That was totally wicked", which means that he really loves superheroes and appreciates what they do.



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