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S.H. Figuarts (エス・エイチ・フィギュアーツ Esu Eichi Figyuātsu, Simple style Heroic action Figures and Arts) is a toyline of detailed collectible figures manufactured by Bandai starting in 2008 and is part of thier Tamashii Nations division. The line originally consisted of IPs owned or had media produced by Toei Company such as Kamen Rider and Sailor Moon, but quickly expanded into other franchises that Bandai had obtained toy licenses of such as Star Wars and Marvel Comics or some of its own such as the Gundam franchise.

The popularity of the toyline has resulted in spinoffs such as MonsterArts, which focuses on kaiju such as Godzilla and horror monsters, Figuarts ZERO, a miniature collectible statue line and two defunct spinoff lines: D-Arts which focused on video game characters and Ultra Act, which focused on characters from Ultraman (but the Ultraman toyline continued with S.H. Figuarts).

S.H. Figuarts Toy List


Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF Capt. Jack Sparrow .jpg
Jack Sparrow J-BDHD001

Star Wars

The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Star Wars Figuarts.


Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF Infinity War Cap.jpg
Captain America Infinity War Ver. BAN27626
SHF Civil War Cap.jpg
Captain America Endgame ver. BAN554758
SHF Wasp.png
SHF Ant-Man.png
Ant-Man BANN24793
SHF Ant (Ant Man and The Wasp).jpeg
Ant BANS55562
SHF Thanos Infinity War ver..jpg
Thanos (Infinity War Version) BAN225843
SHF Thanos (Endgame ver.).jpg
Thanos (Endgame Version) BAN554741
SHF Agent Coulson prototype.jpg
Agent Phil Coulson (Display prototype, Tokyo Comic Con 2018) N/A
SHF Strange.jpg
Dr. Strange
SHF Dr. Strange.jpg
Doctor Strange (Endgame Ver.) BAN247784
SHF Ronin.jpeg
Ronin BANS56711
SHF Falcon.jpg
SHF Nebula.jpg
SHF Captain Marvel.jpg
Captain Marvel BANS55299
SHF Hulk.png
Hulk (Age of Ultron) BAN996313
Hulk Infinity War.jpg
Hulk (Infinity War) BANS55108
SHF Hulk (Ragnarok).jpg
Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok) *(Tamashii Web Exclusive)
SHF Professor Hulk.jpg
Professor Hulk (Endgame)
SHF Thor (AoU).jpg
Thor (Age of Ultron) BAN996315
SHF Friend From Work.jpg
Thor (Ragnarok ver.) *(comes as a figure only or with the optional Thunder Effect Parts set depending on choice of purchase.)
SHF Thor (I.W.)
Thor (Infinity War Ver.) *Japan Only Limited Release N/A
SHF Black Panther.jpg
Black Panther *Tamashii Web Exclusive N/A
SHF Black Panther (Infinity War).jpg
Black Panther (Infinity War)
SHF Hawkeye (AoU).jpg
Hawkeye (Age of Ultron)
SHF Hawkeye (Endgame).jpg
Hawkeye (Endgame)
SHF Ultron.jpg
Ultron Prime BANN04083
SHF Black Widow (AoU).jpg
Black Widow (Age of Ultron)
SHF Black Widow (Infinity War).jpg
Black Widow (Infinity War)
SHF Black Widow (Endgame).jpg
Black Widow (Endgame)
SHF Rocket and Baby Groot.jpg
Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot (GotG Vol. 2)
SHF Rocket (Infinity War).jpg
Rocket Raccoon (Infinity War)
SHF Bucky (Infinity War).jpg
Bucky Barnes (Infinity War)
SHF Starlord (GOTG Vol 2.).jpg
Starlord (GotG Vol.2)
SHF Starlord (Endgame).jpg
Starlord (Infinity War)
SHF Scarlet Witch.jpg
Scarlet Witch
SHF Cap. Marvel (Endgame).jpg
Captain Marvel (Endgame)
SHF Endgame Thor.jpg
Thor (Endgame)
SHF Final Battle Cap (Endgame).jpg
Final Battle Captain America (Endgame)
SHF Black Widow (Black Widow movie).jpg
Black Widow (Movie version)
SHF Taskmaster.png
Taskmaster (Black Widow)
SHF Puny God.jpg

Unreleased/Display figures

  • Nick Fury
  • Star Force Captain Marvel
  • Teen Groot (Tokyo Comic Con 2019)

Iron Man

Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF Tony Stark.jpg
Tony Stark BAN556752
SHF Iron Man MK 1.jpg
Mark I [1] N/A
SHF Iron Man MK II.jpg
Mark II BAN17784
SHF Iron Man MK III.jpg
Mark III BAN556745
SHF MK III Blue.jpg
Mark III Blue Stealth Variant
SHF MK III Tokyo edition.jpg
Mark III (Age of Heroes Exhibtion Tokyo)
SHF Iron Man MK IV.jpg
Mark IV BAN20870
SHF Iron Man Mk V.jpg
Mark V BAN17786
SHF Iron Man MK VI.jpg
Mark VI BAN14345
SHF MK VI Black edition.jpg
Mark VI Black variant (Limited edition)
Mark VII BAS55100
SHF Iron Man Mk 20 "Python".jpg
Mark XX "Python"
SHF Iron Man MK 22 "Hot Rod".png
Mark 22 "Hot Rod" (Bandai Japan Exclusive)
SHF Iron Man MK 42.jpg
Mark 42 BAN851741
SHF Iron Man Mk 43.jpg
Mark 43 BAN556721
SHF MK 44 Hulkbuster.jpg
Mark 44 (Hulkbuster)
SHF Iron Man Mk 45.jpg
Mark 45 BAN556738
SHF Iron Man MK 46.jpg
Mark 46 BANN05202
SHF MK 47.jpg
Mark 47 *Exclusive figure packaged in the Spider-Man: Homecoming collectors 2 pack set N/A
SHF Iron Man HulkBuster 2.0.png
Mark 48 (Hulkbuster 2.0) BAS55023
SHF Iron Man MK 85.jpg
Mark 50 BANS56710
SHF Iron Man MK 85.png
Mark 85 BANS56706
SHF War Machine MK I.jpeg
War Machine BAN781895
SHF War Machine MK II.jpeg
War Machine Mark II
SHF Iron Patriot.jpeg
Iron Patriot BAN851758
SHF War Machine MK III.jpeg
War Machine Mark III
SHF War Machine MK IV.jpeg
War Machine Mark IV
War Machine Mark VI
S.H. Figuarts Rescue.jpg
Rescue (2020)
SHF Final Battle Mark 85.jpg
Final Battle Mark 85 (Endgame)
Mk3 BOIM Ver..png
Mark 3 (Birth of Iron Man Version) * Figure variations include battle damage paint apps to reflect final battle of the first movie, MK 1 Arc Reactor chest piece and more screen accurate metallic paint app.
Mr. Stark (SHF BOIM Version).jpg
Tony Stark (Birth of Iron Man version) *Figure comes with Jericho Missile demonstration business suit and swappable body parts to renact Tony's forging of the Mk 1 Suit in the film. Accessories include a cellphone, sunglasses, anvil, Mk 1 mask, clamps and a ball-peen hammer.


  • Mark VIII
  • MK-17 "Heartbreaker" (2018 Tokyo Comic Con Hall of Armor display)
  • MK-21 "Midas" (2018 Tokyo Comic Con Hall of Armor display)
  • MK-30 "Shotgun" (2018 Tokyo Comic Con Hall of Armor display)
  • MK-33 "Silver Centurion" (2018 Tokyo Comic Con Hall of Armor display)


Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF Homecoming Spidey .png
Homecoming Suit ver. w/ Option Act Wall Set BAN18658
SHF Homemade Suit Spidey.jpg
Home Made Suit ver. w/ Option Act Wall Set BAN19297
SHF Iron Spider.jpg
Iron Spider BAN22582
SHF Far From Home Spidey.jpg
Far From Home suit TBA
SHF PS4 Advanced Suit Spidey.jpeg
PS4 Advanced Suit [2] BANS57051
SHF Stealth Suit Spidey.png
Stealth Suit[3]
SHF Anti-Ock Suit Spidey.jpg
Anti-Ock Suit (PS4 Game) [4]
SHF Final Battle Iron Spider.jpg
Final Battle Edition Iron Spider (Endgame)
Collector's Wallet Killer! Supaidaman!.png
Toei Spider-Man aka Takuya Yamashiro (August 2020)[5]

Kingdom Hearts

Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF KH II Sora.jpg
Sora Kingdom Hearts 2 Outfit BAN16111
SHF Sora Final form.jpg
Sora Final Form BLFBAS55069
SHF Donald Duck.jpg
Donald Duck BAN20871
SHF Goofy.jpg
Goofy BAN22550
SHF King Mickey.jpg
King Mickey Mouse (in Organization XIII coat) BAN19197


S.H. MonsterArts

Image Figure Name Item model #
SHMA Big Chap Xenomorph.jpg
Big Chap Xenomorph[6] BAN85255
SHMA Alien Warrior (AvP).jpg
Alien Warrior Xenomorph[7] BAN851765
SHMA Predator.jpg
Predator Wolf[8] BAN85250

Figuarts ZERO figurine list

Figuarts Zero logo.png

Mickey Mouse 90th birthday collection

Image Figure Name
FAZ Mickey (Steamboat Willie).jpg
Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willie)[9]
FAZ Mickey 1920s.jpg
Mickey Mouse (1920s)
FAZ Mickey 1930s.jpg
Mickey Mouse (1930s)
FAZ Mickey 1940s.jpg
Mickey Mouse (1940s)
FAZ Mickey 1980s.jpg
Mickey Mouse (1980s)
FAZ Mickey (Modern).jpg
Mickey Mouse (Modern)

Frozen Special Box

Image Figure Name
FAZ Frozen Set.jpg
Elsa, Anna and Olaf


  • The Hulkbuster and Hulkbuster 2.0 Figuarts are unique among the Marvel S.H. Figuarts not only in being larger in scale, but also in branding and price. The Hulkbusters were made in collaboration with Bandai's Chogokin division, having die cast parts on the body. This also makes them the most expensive collectibles of the Marvel lineup, as they range in price at e-retailers from $500 to $900. As Tamashii Web Exclusives, they will not be re-issued for further production, making them rare and even more valuable.

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