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Not to be confused with the V.P. rewards, SOS Toon (VP).

Field Office SOS Toons are a new, weaker set of SOS Toons in the discontinued online video game, Toontown Online. These SOS Toons can be earned from the "caged-friend" inside a Field Office. When the friend is released from its cage, the Toon will allow you to call one of the new SOS Toons.

There are currently 12 Sellbot Field Office SOS Toons.


Toon-Up SOS Toons merely just heal Toons in battle. Depending on the Toon depends on the amount of Laff Points healed.

Phil Bettur, Emma Phatic, and GiggleMesh are the Toon-Up SOS Toons.


Lure SOS Toons lure all Cogs in battle. As with any Gag, even an SOS Toon, these Toon's Gag are not guaranteed.

Des Traction, Dee Version, and Bo Nanapeel are the Lure SOS Toons.


Sound SOS Toons attack all Cogs in battle.

Bea Sharpe, Otto Toon, and Al Capella are the Sound SOS Toons.


Drop SOS Toons will attack all unlured Cogs in battle. As a Drop Gag, the Gag will always miss Lured Cogs.

Anne Ville, Bud Erfingerz, and J.S. Bark are the Drop SOS Toons.


  • All Field Office SOS Toons have either 2-Star value, 1-Star value, or no-star value.
  • Field Office being a Cog Building may be the reason why the SOS Toons are weaker than VP SOS Toons.
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