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Sadalia Brushthorn is a minor unnamed character from Disney/Pixar's Onward and an eventual friend of Ian Lightfoot.



Sadalia is a very welcoming and friendly sophomore at New Mushroomton High School and, as portrayed in the book, Onward: The Search for the Phoenix Gem, an aspiring journalist. She is a reporter for the school newspaper, The Fortnightly Dragon and is disappointed that nothing exciting happens around town for her to collect for the paper. Her father says she has a natural talent for news and that her keen elven sense of hearing ought to get her the best inside scoop. She lives a typically normal life, hanging out with her group of friends and pitching more ideas for the paper than anyone else in her journalism class. When she watches the battle between the main characters and the Curse Dragon, she is immediately hooked and sets off for the necessary information for this unusual story. This adventure ends with her becoming good friends with both Ian And Barley and getting the most extraordinary brother bonding story that has ever happened.

Role in the film

Sadalia is first seen chatting with her friends outside the school while Ian prepares to invite them to his birthday party. When he approaches them, Sadalia points him out by name, surprising him that she knows it. When Sadalia pins down what Ian is nervously trying to get across, she announces that she and her friends don't have any plans and that they would love to come to his party. They are about to leave to take the bus when Barley bursts in with Guinevere. The friends ask Ian if he knows him and Ian is mortified, face palming and getting ink on his face. Sadalia kindly points the ink out and Ian accidentally wipes more on his face, prompting . He leaves the group looking at each other, confused.

The friends are later seen staring in shock at the curse as it tears up their school after Barley finds the Phoenix Gem.

In the epilogue, Sadalia and her friends walk up to Ian and congratulate him on his lecture on magic. They invite him to meet them at the park and he accepts.




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