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Sadie Croaker is a supporting character in the 2019 animated series Amphibia.



Croaker is a typical old frog who has lived for a really long time. She comes off as a friendly, yet frail old woman who is willing to lend an ear or offer kind words to those she meets. She is a very private person and tends to keep quiet about herself. However, underneath all that lies a crafty woman with a hint of feistiness about her. Croaker can be a wily septuagenarian if provoked and has pulled the rug over those that are the target of her scorn (such as Sprig whom she has a love-hate relationship with). If someone is being indirect with her she will go out of her way to teach them a lesson.

Physical appearance

Croaker is a light violet colored frog with a violet-pink underbelly and four fingers and, presumably, two toes. She has a tall fluffy grey hair, a darker purple spot on her head (most likely a liver spot) and noticeable wrinkles. She also has distinctly frog like eyes (ironically as the other frogs have typical cartoon eyes) that are pale yellow with her right eye having a black pupil and her left eye having a milky grey pupil (probably due to eyesight loss).

Dress wise, she wears a brownish rag dress and a white neckerchief slung over her back. She has light black slippers and to top it all off has a walking cane which she is shown to be proficient in using as a weapon.

In the pilot episode, her right eye instead had the milky grey pupil rather than her left eye. She also had shorter eyelashes, a wrinkled mouth, and no visible legs. Her appearance is also very distinct, as she has sage-colored skin with a light turquoise underbelly. She even used a stick as a walking cane, and was dressed up in a short-sleeved purple blouse with two x marks on the back, a patch on the bottom, and with a white neckerchief strapped around her neck.


  • Martial artist: Sadie has shown a hidden ability to defend herself in combat whenever situations get tough.
  • Covert skills: Sadie is a former super spy and occasionally uses them to continue work even after her supposed retirement.

Role in the series

In "Anne or Beast?", Sadie Croaker listens to One-Eyed Wally describe his encounter with a strange creature (later revealed to be Anne Boonchuy) in the woods.

In "Hop Luck", Sadie has Anne and the Plantar family wrangle cow-pillars on her dairy farm for her in exchange for some cheese. Once they succeed, Sadie gives them the cheese they need to make a pizza.

In "Anne Theft Auto", Sadie is seen driving on her ladybug when Anne and Sprig Plantar zoom past her as they drive on Bessie. Later, Sprig meets up with Sadie who shows no hard feelings for the earlier encounter and agrees to give Sprig a ride to get help as Anne and Bessie got stuck in the woods. However, Sadie's ladybug starts moving slowly and the old frog took her time to sing song, much to Sprig's annoyance. However, Anne is able to get Bessie moving again and reunites with Sprig. Then, Sadie bids the kids goodbye and speeds away on her ladybug as she laughs, making Sprig realize he had been played by her.

In "Breakout Star", Sadie is amongst the frogs who admire Anne for having red pimples.

In "Toad Tax", Sadie is seen shopping at Grub & Go. She rudely pushes Anne with her cart, ordering her to move out of the way so she can buy some cookies. Later, Sadie is visited by Anne, Bog, Fens, and Mire at her house as her name was on a list of individuals who did not pay their taxes to Toad Tower. Intimidated by the toads, Sadie orders Archie to attack them, only for the spider to get scared when Mire scares him. However, Sadie is grateful when Anne returns Archie's bed to her before the toads can steal it.

Later, at the Plantar Farm, Sadie witnesses Anne standing up to the toads and calling them out on their bullying over the frogs. Amazed by Anne's bravery and selflessness, Sadie and everyone in Wartwood comes to defend her when the toads injure her. After Sprig reveals Mayor Toadstool to have been hoarding the town's taxes, Sadie and everyone get their belongings back and cheer for Anne, officially naming her the protector of Anne while finally respecting her.


  • In "Cracking Mrs. Croaker", Croaker states that she does not like Sprig, but she is shown interacting with him in episodes like they have a mutual relationship.
  • The fact that her name is "Mrs." implies that she was married at one point.
  • She does not want anyone knowing about her background as a spy because according to her, "it would be very bad for everyone."
  • According to Maddie Flour, she smells like wet leaves and fungus.
  • Stumpy seems to not think much of her.
  • Leopold Loggle states that she looked the same when he was a kid.
  • She has been shopping at Plantars' since she was a little girl and apparently knew Hop Pop's father.


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