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This article is about the character from the Cars (franchise). For the character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, see Sally.

Holy Porsche! She's gotta be from my attorney office.
Lightning McQueen upon seeing Sally for the first time[src]

Sally Carrera is a major character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. She is the attorney of Radiator Springs and Lightning McQueen's girlfriend.


Official Description

Sally grew tired of her life in the fast-lane as a high-powered attorney in Los Angeles, and made a new start in the small town of Radiator Springs. Charming, intelligent and witty, she became the town attorney and the car most dedicated to preserving the town's historical beauty. She bought the Cozy Cone Motel and restored it back to its original condition and has no plans of stopping there. She'd fix the whole town building by building if that's what it took.[1]
Sally's tattoo pinstriping is left over from her early days. Though she's a little embarrassed by it now, it serves as a reminder of her high-speed life in California and how happy she is to be cruising in the slow lane.[1]
Sally, a baby blue Porsche 911 Carrera, is the proprietor of Radiator Springs' Cozy Cone and Wheel Wagon Motels and the apple of Lightning McQueen's eye. Longing for Lightning's return from his latest 2006 Piston Cup race season, Sally is looking forward to a long drive with "Stickers," as she affectionately calls Lightning.
When Lightning commits to racing in the World Grand Prix the same night as his return, Sally remains steadfastly supportive of her star race car. She even convinces Lightning to take his best friend Mater along for the ride of a lifetime. Though Sally stays behind in Radiator Springs, even she lights up for the open-wheeled racing cars from Europe — but only Lightning truly makes her motor race.[2]


When Cars was in development, Sally was to be a Mustang car. She was then changed to a Porsche because the grille made her look more "lady like".[3][4] At that time, Pixar decided that Sally would be an old Porsche car. Sometime later, Bob Carlson, who was a publicist for Porsche, wanted them to have her as the current Porsche 911 Carrera model.[5] John Lasseter described that the lines on a Porsche are also what makes a Porsche car fit for Sally to be based on.[6]

Pixar also based Sally on Dawn Welch, who was known for running the Rock Café on Route 66 and tried to promote and rebuild the town of Stroud, Oklahoma after it was damaged by a tornado in 1999.[7][8]


When Pixar used a Porsche car for Sally to based on, her voice actress, Bonnie Hunt, felt impressed to be voicing a Porsche compared to a Buick, as she explained in an interview with CBS News, as well as that she enjoyed having Paul Newman and Owen Wilson lend their voices in the film, although she did not meet Newman while the film was being made.[9]


Sally is kind and pleasant, like many of the townsfolk, while also being witty, charming, and intelligent. Both she and her boyfriend like feeling the wind when they are both driving along. When formerly working as a district attorney in California, Sally felt bored with her life and went to Radiator Springs to have a life that is nicer and quieter.

She can get embarrassed when people notice her pinstriping tattoo, although it does help remind her of her past, and how happy she is with her present. She also gets excited when customers come into Radiator Springs since there were hardly any in the past.

Physical appearance

Sally is painted baby blue and has chrome rims and blue eyes. Additionally, she has a black pinstriping tattoo on her back. Sally is modeled after a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera,[10] and has a license plate that reads "301PCE".

For the "Stanley Days" celebration, she paints herself in a lighter blue and has the outline of her windows and windshield changed from black to chrome. She also has gray trims on her sides, along with using different rims and headlights, and extra pieces of bodywork that hide her rear tires.

Powers and abilities

Sally is fast and is able to compete in races as shown in Cars: The Video Game. According to her specifications on the Stitch Kingdom website, her top speed is 177 mph, and she can go zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, with a rear-engine 3596 cc flat-6 and horsepower of 320 at 6800 rpm.[10]



Sally - World of Cars - -1-

Sally arriving at Radiator Springs' courthouse.

When Sally comes to Radiator Springs, she becomes the town attorney, aiming to try and get the town promoted. One night in the early 21st century, race car Lightning McQueen finds himself in Radiator Springs after being lost on his way to Los Angeles, California for a Piston Cup race in the following week. In the process, McQueen accidentally destroys Radiator Springs' main road when the statue of Stanley attaches to him. The following day, McQueen is taken to court at the courthouse, where Doc Hudson, the town's judge, decides to have McQueen out of the town upon seeing that he is a racecar. Sally then comes in as to talk to Doc, and the moment McQueen spots her, he immediately begins to fall in love with her, telling her to do what she has to do. Sally tries to tell Doc that McQueen should fix the road, but with Doc declining saying that the last thing they need in the town is a racecar, she then explains to everyone that they must care for the travelers when they drive on Route 66, the location, but without a perfect road to drive on, no one can get to anyone's store, and they will go out of business. They all agree that McQueen has to fix the road, and Doc changes his mind, much to McQueen's dismay, as he wants to get out of the town and get to California in time for the race. Additionally, most of his fuel has been taken out, meaning that he cannot go anywhere.


Sally and the other townsfolk trying to offer Van and Minny one of their items.

Sally and the townsfolk try to do their usual work, while McQueen is forced to pave the road with a road-paving machine named Bessie. Soon, Van and Minny arrive, being unable to find their way to Interstate 40 while using Van's GPS. Everyone tries to get them to buy something from them, but Van and Minny keep declining. Sally tries to offer them a map from the Cozy Cone Motel along with a free Lincoln Continental breakfast, but Van refuses to buy a map when having his GPS. As Van and Minny leave, Sally tells them to mention the town to their friends, which Van does agree, and Sally tells the townsfolk that it will be good. A few minutes later, McQueen goes much faster while pulling Bessie as to try and hurry, but Sally and the townsfolk are shocked and cross that McQueen has just made the road sloppy and bumpy by going too fast. Doc decides that he and McQueen challenge each other to a race around Willy's Butte so to see who should fix the road, though Sally regrets this, thinking that Doc is not going to win. However, her bets are wrong, as at the final turn, McQueen skids off the track and into a cactus patch, leaving Doc able to win the race, while McQueen has to pave the road all over again at a slower speed.


Sally offering McQueen to sleep at her motel.

The next day, everyone finds that McQueen has done a good job at doing part of the road up to the crossroad. Meanwhile, McQueen has been trying to make the turn that he went off in his and Doc's race, and gets covered in cactus pieces before he gets back to work. Feeling pleased with McQueen's work, Sally gets Red to clean the cactus pieces off McQueen, as she offers him to stay in one of the cones at the Cozy Cone Motel. It is at this point that McQueen realizes that she is being nice to him, along with when he later sees her tattoo, leaving her embarrassed. That night, when thinking that there are customers, Sally turns on her motel's neon lights, but one of them malfunctions. Luckily for her, it is just Mater and McQueen, who had just got back after playing a game of tractor tipping. A minute later, Sally then overhears Mater when he comments about McQueen's feelings for her. She soon comes to McQueen when he arrives at the Cozy Cone, telling him that she overheard him promising Mater a ride in a helicopter when he makes his race. Before she leaves, McQueen thanks her for letting him stay, admitting it is better than being in the impound.


Sally explaining to McQueen about her and Radiator Springs' past.

The next day, Sally decides that she and McQueen should take a drive. Driving out of Radiator Springs, they both challenge to a race that goes through a forest, over a bridge past a waterfall, and finally coming up to an old building known as the Wheel Well Motel. Sally knows it, because, as she explains to McQueen, she used to be a district attorney in Los Angeles, but she never enjoyed it, and drove for miles until breaking down at the motel, where the citizens of Radiator Springs got her fixed up. After that, she stayed in the town, because she became obsessed with the view of Radiator Springs and the rest of Ornament Valley from Wheel Well. McQueen is quick to see the traffic driving along the Interstate in the far distance, to which Sally tells him that people used to drive along Route 66 before the Interstate was even built, but when it got built to bypass Radiator Springs just to save ten minutes of driving, all of the visitors completely forgot about the town, meaning that the townsfolk hardly had any customers from then on. To this day, they are still trying to find a way to get it back on the map.


Having helped the townsfolk, McQueen and Sally bond closer.

When everyone wakes up the next morning, they find that the road has been done, but see no sign of McQueen. Sally assumes that McQueen has left to get to his race, but it is not until she comes to Luigi's Casa Della Tires that she finds McQueen had not actually left, wanting to help everyone in town. That evening, Sally comes again to see that the townsfolk have given McQueen a new look, as well as that all of the neon lights on the buildings have been fixed. To celebrate, the townsfolk go for cruises around the town. McQueen is just about to ask Sally for their cruise, but Lizzie jumps in, taking McQueen instead. Sally, however, manages to get Mater to bring McQueen back to her, and they both bond closer. However, the press soon comes to interview McQueen, having wondered where he had been for the week. Not wanting to leave yet, McQueen does one last talk with Sally, trying to tell her that Radiator Springs is not so bad after all. As Mack, McQueen's transporter, prepares to leave, Sally wishes McQueen good luck in California. Soon, she learns that Doc had called the press, being the reason why they had come to the exact location and calls him out on his selfishness by saying "best for everyone or best for you?". Saddened to see McQueen being taken away, the citizens turns their backs on Doc and get some sleep, also turning off their neon lights.


Sally, Red, and Lizzie watching the final Piston Cup race on TV.

Thinking that McQueen cannot handle the race on his own, Doc and most of the townsfolk drive to the Los Angeles International Speedway on race day and become part of McQueen's pit crew. Sally, Red, and Lizzie all stay behind in Radiator Springs, watching the race on a television at Flo's V8 Cafe. They watch all of the race, even to see Doc being recognized by the race fans to be the Fabulous Hudson Hornet (which made Lizzie confused), and McQueen taking the lead on the final lap. Sally wildly cheers for him, but that is just before one of the racers, Chick Hicks, rams The King off the race track. Shocked, McQueen screeches to a halt and comes back to push the King across the finish line so to let him finish his last race while a victorious Chick Hicks is celebrating. Everyone, including Sally, is incredibly pleased with McQueen for his heroism, as she smiles, proud of McQueen for doing what is right rather than what is important to him.


Sally and McQueen agreeing to race back to Radiator Springs, having got it popular once again.

A few days later, McQueen comes back to Radiator Springs, finding Sally at Wheel Well, as he has been missing her. He tells her that the town is back on the map, thanks to that he has set up his racing headquarters in the town. McQueen and Sally have since become a couple, as shown when Mater appears in a helicopter to sing about their love. Sally suggests that she and McQueen have a race to Flo's V8 Cafe with the last one there buying a drink, to which McQueen is unsure, instead suggesting taking a drive. Sally declines, instead taking the race, and McQueen joins as they race back to Radiator Springs, which has since become filled with visitors. Eventually, the Wheel Well Motel gets reopened thanks to Sally and McQueen, and they also spend time with their friends at the drive-in theater to watch car-themed versions of several Pixar movies.

Mater and the Ghostlight

Sally becomes a victim of Mater's pranks, as she is frightened when he dresses as a vampire. So she, and the rest of the gang, pranks him back with the "Ghostlight", a lantern hanging on the back of Mater's tow hook.

Cars 2


Sally having a date with McQueen

Having spent time running the Cozy Cone, Sally and the rest of the townsfolk soon gather together to welcome McQueen back home after he wins the Piston Cup for a fourth time. Mater then comes along to greet McQueen, while towing a broken-down Otis. Later in the day, McQueen thinks that after spending two of Mater's crazy activities, he should have dinner with Sally at the Wheel Well, which has since become a restaurant. Enjoying their date, Sally admits that it is great for them to sit outside the Wheel Well Motel while watching the view of Ornament Valley. Just then, Mater turns up, being dressed as a waiter, having come to ask them what drinks they would like. Sally and McQueen both go with their usual drink, which Mater is unsure which drink they usually take, and rushes into the Wheel Well to ask his friends. Soon, Sally and McQueen begin to notice that the other customers are filling the entire restaurant. Going inside, they both see that on the television is Italian racer Francesco Bernoulli, whom Sally has been a huge fan of, having adored his open wheels.

Cs072 200bcs.sel16

Sally watching as Team McQueen's plane takes off for Japan.

Next, they hear Mater talking through the telephone to The Mel Dorado Show, which Francesco is being interviewed on. Francesco starts to get annoyed with Mater's comments, and begins to make insults about him. Immediately, McQueen takes the phone and deals with Francesco himself, along with making an agreement with oil billionaire Miles Axlerod to take part in the World Grand Prix. Sally is all right about this, telling McQueen that he will have nothing to worry about, as she will still be doing her work at the Cozy Cone. To add to this, she advises McQueen that he should bring Mater, as he had never brought him to any of his races. Accepting her advice, McQueen allows Mater to be his crew chief. As McQueen, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, and Sarge prepare to leave for Tokyo, Sally bids farewell to them as their plane leaves. While in Tokyo, Mater carries Sally's support to Francesco, who makes a toast with McQueen to dedicate which one's win to her in the first race.


Sally and her friends arriving in England to help find Mater.

Before his trip to London for the final race, McQueen calls Radiator Springs to report that Mater is missing, having thought that he had gone back to Radiator Springs, but there is no sign of him. Hearing the news, Sally travels to London with Red, Sheriff, Ramone, and Flo to be part of McQueen's pit crew and join in the search for Mater. However, McQueen is still unsure about if he can keep his worries about Mater out of his mind while he is racing, but with words from Sally and Axlerod to race for Mater and to prove to the world that Axlerod's fuel allinol is not as bad as it seems, he agrees to do it for Mater, and manages to concentrate on the race.


Sally and Red battling the lemons.

Halfway through the race, Mater comes to the pits, arriving to tell Sally and the rest of McQueen's pit crew that a bomb has been planted in the pits, but that is just when secret agents Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell alert him to say that the bomb has actually been planted on him. Just as Mater realizes, McQueen comes into the pits, glad to see him, but not knowing about the bomb. Sally and her friends all watch as Mater quickly drives away with McQueen following him, then see on the television that Mater is blasting at a fast speed with a pair of rockets while McQueen is holding onto his hook. Thinking that they should help, Sally and her friends rush to McQueen and Mater's location, where they find that McQueen, Mater, Finn and Holley are cornered by a group of thugs known as lemons. Taking the lemons by surprise, the Radiator Springs gang helps their friends battle the lemons, which Sally joins Red to blast water at J. Curby Gremlin and his Gremlin fellows. With the agents and the Radiator Springs gang winning, the lemons are all arrested by Sarge and his army friends. Afterwards everyone tries to figure out how to get rid of the bomb that is still stuck on Mater.


Cheering on for McQueen in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

Suddenly, Mater gets an idea and quickly travels back to Buckingham Palace with McQueen, while the others follow. When Sally and her friends arrive, they find the bodyguards of the Queen of England trying to prevent Mater and McQueen from getting any closer, but they all listen as Mater explains that Axlerod is the leader of the lemons along with being responsible for turning on the bomb. As Axlerod gets cornered by Mater, he has no choice but to deactivate the bomb just one second before it can detonate, proving to everyone that he has been leading the lemons.

Sally and her friends then join the thousands of people who stand in the palace's knighting room as Mater gets knighted by the Queen. All of the Radiator Springs townsfolk soon travel back home, where Mater tells them all the story about him helping out Finn and Holley. They also decide to host an unofficial race in the town for McQueen and the World Grand Prix racers to take part in, which is also when Sally is able to meet Francesco, who admits that McQueen is very lucky, and will have to be so that he beats him in the race. Sally soon realizes that Francesco is not as good-looking as she thought, though she agrees with Flo that he still has some fine looks, and she joins the citizens to cheer on for McQueen.

Cars Toons: Tales from Radiator Springs


Sally kissing McQueen to cure his hiccups.

In Hiccups, Sally comes to Flo's V8 Cafe to notice that everyone is trying hard to get rid of McQueen's hiccups, which Mater is hanging him upside down, while Red is shooting water at his mouth. Immediately, Sally gets everyone to stop, and tries to sort the problem out by kissing McQueen on his side, successfully making his hiccups go away.

In The Radiator Springs 500½, Sally customizes herself to be a 1900s look for Radiator Springs' annual "Stanley Days" celebration, where McQueen, dressed up as Stanley, is supposed to take the citizens out on a leisurely tour, but that is soon changed when Sandy Dunes and his pals come into the town to search for McQueen. Hearing them making insults, McQueen challenges them to an off-road race, while Mater takes his place as doing the leisurely tour. Arriving back in Radiator Springs that night, Sally begins to wonder where McQueen, Sandy and the other racers are, as they would have already been back before then. Eventually, the racers all arrive, unaware that they had took a wrong turn at the start of their race.

Sally was scheduled to appear in To Protect and Serve.[11]

Cars 3


Sally alongside Mater, Luigi and Guido after witnessing McQueen crashing.

Sally returns in Cars 3. Parked next to Mater, she watches Lightning McQueen racing against a new generation of high-tech race cars, and becomes horrified upon seeing him crashing. Throughout the rest of the film she plays the role as a supportive member to Lightning McQueen. She's presented here as very awkward with her sense of humor, yet pleasing enough for Lightning. She's much more involved compared to Cars 2 but not as much as in Cars 1.

Video games

Cars: The Video Game


Sally in Cars: The Video Game.

Sally appears as one of the playable characters in Cars: The Video Game. In the story, she calls out to McQueen, who is inside one of the cones of the Cozy Cone Motel while dreaming, which the dream is of him racing against her, Doc, Ramone and Fletcher. Sally has come to tell him that Doc will be training him later, along with that there are some new people who appear to be wanting to have a race with him. Soon, she is just about to ask McQueen for a drive, but Mia and Tia arrive, feeling so enthusiastic to see McQueen. Seeing that they want McQueen to take a drive with them, Sally tells them a better idea, where she, Mia, Tia and Flo compete in a three-lap race where the winner gets the drive. Being competitive, Sally is able to win the race, and tells McQueen that he has "got himself a date."

Much later, Sally and McQueen's drive takes place, where they take a race up to the Wheel Well Motel. After McQueen wins, Sally reminds him of their first drive, where she had tricked him into a race. As they watch the view of Ornament Valley, McQueen admits he will always remember the moment of their first drive. In the end, McQueen wins the Piston Cup, and he, Mater and Sally decide to take a drive outside of Radiator Springs, while he tells them that he has left his trophy in a good place with Doc's trophies.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

Sally does not appear in Cars: Race-O-Rama, but Lightning mentions her in the Photo Op levels. After his photo is taken, he says, "I'll give that one to Sally."

The World of Cars Online

Before the online game was closed down, Sally appeared as one of the non-playable characters that greet the players in Radiator Springs. One time, the players had to work together to free Sally from a pile of rocks blocking her way.

Cars 2: The Video Game

Although she does not appear, she is mentioned a few times by McQueen in Cars 2: The Video Game, where he sometimes says the quotes "This one's for you, Sally!" and "Don't tell Sally you're beating me!"

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Although Sally does not appear in the mobile game Cars: Fast as Lightning, her name is seen in speech bubbles when Mater, Flo and McQueen have an icon above them saying they have to go to the Cozy Cone Motel, revealing that Sally has gone on vacation to California to visit her old friends in Los Angeles.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Sally is a playable character in Cars 3: Driven to Win.

Disney Parks

Sally appears as an animatronic on the Cars Land attraction Radiator Springs Racers located at Disney California Adventure, where she and McQueen greet the guests following their arrival in Radiator Springs.


Lightning McQueen

Sally Carrera: "So, Stickers, last one to Flo's buys?"
Lightning McQueen: "I don't know. Why don't we just take a drive?"
Sally Carrera: "Hmm... Nah." (zooms away)
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah! Ka-chow!" (follows Sally)
―Sally and McQueen during the first film's epilogue

Sally taking McQueen on a drive to the Wheel Well Motel.

Sally first met McQueen when she came into Radiator Springs' courthouse to talk to Doc. While McQueen started to fall in love with her, she was surprised that Doc would let him go when he was responsible for accidentally destroying the main road due to being tied to Stanley's statue. While she decided to keep in mind a bit of McQueen's advice about other folks not going well, she asked Doc to make McQueen fix the road because the town would not have any customers able to drive on a damaged road. Doc eventually decided to have McQueen fix the road, pleasing Sally and the rest of the townsfolk, but not McQueen. To add to that, McQueen was so cross with Sally, who then said that he could take the road-paving machine Bessie to dinner, as McQueen was earlier suggesting that he and Sally go to dinner. Additionally, Sally called McQueen "Stickers", as he just had stickers looking like headlights and no real headlights.

Soon, McQueen quickly pulled Bessie along the road at a fast speed, but Sally was shocked and cross that going too fast just made the road worse. Despite regretting Doc challenging McQueen to a race, Sally cheered along with the citizens when McQueen made a perfect start. Her hopes of having the road fixed in time were quickly solved when McQueen then skidded off at the final bend, but when McQueen was back to work and yelling about getting hit by Bessie's bubbles of tar, Sally was beginning to think that it might not have been a good idea but was soon pleased with McQueen's first part of the work done the next morning. Seeing he had done a great job, Sally offered him to stay at the Cozy Cone Motel. As she waited inside the Cozy Cone that night, she overheard Mater taunting McQueen about his love for her. However, when McQueen arrived, she kept her response to herself. Sally only mentioned hearing the part where McQueen agreed to give Mater a helicopter ride. Agreeing that the Cozy Cone is newly refurbished, Sally and McQueen wished each other a good night.

The next day, Sally took McQueen out to the Wheel Well Motel, having fun with him as they raced together on the journey. She told McQueen about her past life and how Radiator Springs used to be popular until Interstate 40 was built, making the town completely forgotten. When McQueen finished the road the following day, Sally was saddened when she thought that he had left, because she could not see him anywhere, but when she came back to Luigi's Casa Della Tires, she was pleased to see that McQueen did not leave at all, and was amazed by his new look and the neon lights having been fixed. As the citizens cruised around the town, Sally and McQueen spent a bit of time together, deeply in love. However, they were soon interrupted by members of the press arriving to take McQueen to his race. Before he left, Sally told him that she hoped he had found whatever he was searching for.

While many of the townsfolk went to California to be McQueen's pit crew, Sally watched the race on TV and cheered on for McQueen, enthusiastic when he took the lead and pleased when he decided to instead let the King finish his final race following a collision caused by Chick. Sally and McQueen met again a couple of days later when Radiator Springs was put back on the map. At that point, McQueen became Sally's boyfriend.

Starting from that moment, Sally used the "Stickers" as a friendly nickname for McQueen but does occasionally mention his real name, such as his surname when the press got them separated in the first film, and his first name several times in the video game, when she was calling McQueen, who was dreaming about a race, and when she told Mia and Tia about having a competition to drive with McQueen.

In Cars 2, Sally spent a bit of time with McQueen at the Wheel Well while having Mater as their waiter. Soon, they came into the restaurant to see Francesco on the TV, where Sally mentioned his good looks, though she quickly replied to McQueen that there was nothing wrong with his fenders. When McQueen agreed to participate in the World Grand Prix, Sally felt okay with it since she would be doing some of her own work anyway and advised him to take Mater along. Soon, however, she learned from McQueen that Mater had gone missing and came to London with the rest of the citizens to support him, telling him that he had to concentrate on the final World Grand Prix race. With a few more words mentioning doing the race for Mater, McQueen was able to concentrate. She later helped McQueen and his friends to fight the lemons, and she and McQueen both attended Mater's knighting ceremony before they all went back to Radiator Springs, where they decided to invite the World Grand Prix racers for a race. Attending, Sally watched McQueen take part in the race, knowing he would not need any luck to win it.

In Cars 3, Sally is shown much more involved in Lightning's races and career. She's a very big supporter and somewhat of a fan while Lightning travels around the US winning races. Sally is later seen at Los Angeles International Speedway, horrified seeing Lightning going through a brutal wreck. Sally then spends four months in Radiator Springs trying to cheer Lightning up. Sally is shown here to have developed a more awkward sense of humor compared to previous appearances, most likely due to how much time she spent with Lightning throughout his career. Sally is not seen again until the climax of the film, defending Lightning as his lawyer next to Sterling's demands to have him retired. Sally's relation with Lightning is much more developed this time around, and you can tell that they have spent a lot of trust in one another throughout the years.


You're bringing Mater, right? You never bring him to any of your races. [...] Just let him sit in the pits. Give him a headset. Come on, it will be the thrill of a lifetime for him.
―Sally to McQueen about Mater

Mater being allowed by McQueen to go to the World Grand Prix, following advice from Sally.

Mater is one of Sally's friends, just like all of the other Radiator Springs residents. As stated by Mater, it is because she likes his body. She even tries to help him sometimes by talking to McQueen, like when she once stated that Mater trusts him. When Lizzie took McQueen on a cruise through Radiator Springs, despite the latter wanting to cruise with Sally, Mater decided to substitute Sally and McQueen's supposed cruise, which Sally agreed with. Soon, Sally used Mater to bring McQueen back to her so that they could spend some time together. At the end of the first film, as Sally and McQueen drove a couple of inches closer to each other, they then noticed Mater riding in a helicopter while singing "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" with McQueen and Sally's names in the lyrics, which they both felt that Mater had made great timing.

In Cars 2, Sally could tell that Mater had been missing McQueen a lot while competing in the latest Piston Cup season, especially because he was never invited. As McQueen was planning to take part in the World Grand Prix, Sally thought that he should bring Mater so that Mater could be happy spending time with his best friend. Seeing the point, McQueen accepted. Before the last race, Sally heard that Mater was missing and came to London with the remaining citizens to support McQueen, telling him that Mater would like to see him race. Later, when hearing what happened to Mater and McQueen, Sally and the rest of her friends helped Mater, McQueen, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell fight the lemons and soon came to Buckingham Palace to watch Mater being knighted by the Queen before they went back home, where Mater told them about his story.

Francesco Bernoulli

He's nice to look at. You know, open-wheeled and all.
―Sally talking about Francesco
Cars2-disneyscreencaps com-2464

Mater telling Francesco about Sally's support for him.

Sally had been a huge fan of Francesco, as she was really impressed by his looks, including his open wheels. Indeed, she was interested in seeing a crowd watching him being interviewed on TV, but she was soon shocked when Francesco insulted Mater, which McQueen immediately took care of. Mater later became aware that she admired Francesco and decided to pass the information on to Francesco himself. At the same time, both Francesco and McQueen became rivals. Eventually, Sally got to meet Francesco in person when he and McQueen were about to participate in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. By then, she later thought that Francesco was just fine-looking and still liked his open wheels in response to Flo's positive comment about him.


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  • Although McQueen had got real headlights when being customized for the World Grand Prix in Cars 2, Sally still calls him "Stickers" as a pet name, as shown at the end when she and the citizens attended the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.
  • Sally is a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera. Her top speed is 177 miles (284.85 km) per hour.
  • Sally was originally going to be a Mustang. She was later changed to a Porsche, since the grill looked more ladylike.
  • Sally is one of the roles that her voice actress, Bonnie Hunt has voiced in the Pixar movies.
  • Cars 3: Driven to Win is the only installment in the Cars franchise where Bonnie Hunt does not voice Sally.


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