Sally Shine is a supporting character in the film Tower of Terror, appearing as a 1930s child actress and one of the elevator passengers who were killed during the events of the film. Despite not being officially named in the attraction, it is implied that the little girl seen in the pre-ride video and in the film, is the same person.


While relatively little is known about Sally's origin, she is likely to have been modeled after Shirley Temple - the way she dresses in the film and in the ride, as well as her hairstyle, suggests of an allusion to Shirley. She also had a line of dolls based on her likeness, a parallel to the real-life Shirley having a doll line of her own. She is accompanied by her nanny Emeline Partridge, where despite being stern and strict, it is revealed that they have a close relationship with each other, with Emeline taking care of her as if she was her own daughter.


Sally is portrayed as a cheerful, friendly, and compassionate person, and, despite being a child star, she isn't as spoiled as she seems in her personal life, even if her sister, Abigail, insists so in the first chapters of the film. This is proven by the fact that she forgives Abigail's wrongdoings, even if it caused her sudden death. She also shows sympathy for her friends and colleagues, such as when she and Claire Poulet felt sorry for bellhop Dewey Todd, whom he blamed himself for the incident.

Behind the scenes

Sally is portrayed by Lindsay Ridgeway in the pre-ride introduction video. Ridgeway later reprised her role in the 1997 television film.


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