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Sarah "Sally Shine" or The Child Star is a character from the Tower of Terror.



Sally was a child-star, who operated in Hollywood during the 1930s. On Halloween night 1939, she and her nanny, Emeline Partridge, stayed in the Hollywood Tower Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. After entering an elevator, the hotel was struck by supernatural lightning which caused her and the other four passengers to be killed and bound as ghosts to the hotel and the 5th Dimension from which the lightning came.

In the years to come, Sally and the others would remain in the hotel as spirits. When it was reopened in the 1990s, they would have many encounters with mortals who entered their domain.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Tower[]

Sally is first seen in the pre-show video for the Tower of Terror, entering the Hollywood Tower Hotel's elevator before being spirited away to the 5th dimension. She is later encountered in the hallway scene itself as a ghost, hithering guests to journey further into the hotel. Her likeness is later seen in the 5th dimension.

During the drop-sequence, there is the chance of encountering Sally's ghost ominously singing, "It's raining, it's pouring". At the end of the ride, she and the other victims wave goodbye to the guests as they leave.

Disney's California Adventure[]

In the now defunct California version of the attraction, Sally's ghost was present in the boiler-room section of the queue. In an area marked with a white-chalk symbol, her voice could be heard crying and calling out for help. She wondered out loud as to where she was, wanting her mom and dad, not knowing what became of her and begging guests to help through her tears.

Walt Disney Studios Park[]

During Halloween 2019, the Paris version of the attraction was given new show experiences in its different drop shafts. These can be a Malevolent Machine, Shaft Creatures, or a Sinister Poltergeist trying to pull the guests' souls into the 5th Dimension. Through each of these experiences, Sally's ghost worries about the guests' well-being and attempts to save them from whatever force has gotten hold of their elevator car.

Other Appearances[]

Tower of Terror (film)[]

In this film, Sally is portrayed as a cheerful, friendly, and compassionate person, despite being a child star. She isn't as spoiled as she seems in her personal life, even if her sister, Abigail, insists so in the first chapters of the film. Due to jealousy, Abigail used witchcraft to cause the elevator to drop and kill her.

This is proven by the fact that she forgives Abigail's wrongdoings, even if it caused her sudden death. She also shows sympathy for her friends and colleagues, such as when she and Claire Poulet felt sorry for bellhop Dewey Todd, whom he blamed himself for the incident.


  • Sally is very clearly modeled after real-life child actress Shirley Temple. This might be an indication that her life as a child actress was particularly hellish, given the amount of atrocities directed at Temple during her time in the spotlight from her agents and employers.
  • In the pre-show video, Sally is seen holding a Mickey Mouse doll in the style of those sold during the 1930s.
  • Sally is portrayed by Lindsay Ridgeway in the pre-ride introduction video. Ridgeway later reprised her role in the 1997 television film.
  • The crying and chalk symbol from California's defunct version were an homage to the Twilight Zone episode Little Girl Lost, in which a little girl gets sucked into the titular 5th dimension. The chalk symbol was taken from the episode where it was used by the girl's parents to try and locate her, possibly indicating someone was using the same symbol to try and locate Sally before the events of the ride.
  • California's defunct version featured a doll left in the lobby. Some assumed it belonged to Sally and was left due to her premature death. It was even made to resemble her inspiration, Shirley Temple.
    • The doll itself was throughout to be featured as an homage to Talky Tina from the Twilight Zone episode Living Doll, which was a sentient, murderous doll who killed her owner's abusive stepfather. The one in the lobby didn't have the same design as Tina, though a replica of it would be hidden in the gift shop of the Walt Disney World version.
  • In the film, it is possible that her original surname is Gregory due to Abigail having had this name.


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