Salmon derby

Salmon Derby is a comic story by Carl Barks about the rivalry between Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander.


Donald and his nephews are on a vacation away from Duckburg where Donald is happy for being away from his cousin Gladstone, they notice that there is a fishing contest (with first prize a fancy automobile), so Donald takes a boat and tries to catch the biggest fish. Donald quickly hooks a sixty pounder but meanwhile at the ticket office Gladstone enters the race, he gets a motor boat and enters the lake where he meets Donald and cost him his fish.

Then, Gladstone hooks a seventy pounder so the nephews try to help Donald, they meet and Indian chief who helps them to catch an eighty pounder, they hook it to Donald's rod but suddenly a speedboat hits Donald's boat leaving donald knocked out on its front and sending Donald's fish into Gladstone's boat. Gladstone wins the contest but donald saves a little girl that was stranded on the speedboat receiving $10,000 as reward from her father, buying a car twice the size of Gladstone's.

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