Samson's Father is a minor character in The Wild.


Although he is Samson's father, not much of his personality is known throughout the film as he only appears in a flashback. In the flashback which is at a circus, he is shown to be extremely harsh towards his son by telling him to roar like an adult lion. When Samson tells his father he can't roar at a mechanical wildebeest, his father tells him to do it immediately to which Samson approached the mechanical wildebeest and attempted to roar at it, but ultimately makes a squeaky growl, disappointing his father and causing the crowd to laugh.


The Wild

His only appearance in the film is in a flashback when Samson reveals to Ryan that he wasn't born in the wild but, in fact a circus. Before this confession, Benny the squirrel was the only one Samson ever told about his dark past.

In the flashback, Samson's Father is shown to have been very strict with Samson when he was a cub and one day he set him out to roar for the audience at the circus but Samson was only able to make a squeaky growl when trying to roar back at the mechanical wildebeest to impress the audience, which caused the audience to laugh at him. After this, Samson's ashamed father told him that if he had been born in the wild, he would know how to roar before allowing his son to be sent to the zoo after disowning him. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, though he might still have been working with the circus or have died of old age before the events of the film.

Surrounded by Kazar's predatory wildebeests, Ryan deems Samson a good father, a stark contrast compared to the one his grandfather was.


  • While The Wild itself is criticized for being a copy of Madagascar, Samson's father's voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, would coincidentally later voice Maurice and multiple characters in the animated series The Penguins of Madagascar and All Hail King Julien, both of which are inspired by the aforementioned DreamWorks franchise.

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