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Sandy is the tritagonist and a former stray dog who befriends Annie in the film of the latter's same name. She called him that because his fur was the color of sand.

Role in the film

Sandy is first seen taking away an ear of corn from Annie, who was sitting alone, causing her to call to him to come back. He sadly gives it back and is comforted by her, the latter assuming he was looking for his parents like she is. He then goes along with her, as she (as suggested by a policeman) calls him over to her. The policeman then tells her to get a license. As she is heading home, she is seen again by the policeman, asking for her license, but they run off separately.

Later, Annie was out sightseeing with Oliver Warbucks and Grace Farrell for ice cream, and later to watch a Broadway show. They are then going home in a horse and buggy. During their ride, they find Sandy and keep him as a pet.

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