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|imagewidth = 250px
|imagewidth = 250px
|name = Santa's Workshop
|name = Santa's Workshop
|director = [[Wilfred Jackson]]
|director = Wilfred Jackson
|producer = [[Walt Disney]]
|producer = [[Walt Disney]]
|writer =
|writer =
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|preceded = ''[[Babes in the Woods]]''
|preceded = ''[[Babes in the Woods]]''
|followed = ''[[Birds in the Spring]]''
|followed = ''[[Birds in the Spring]]''
}}'''''Santa's Workshop''''' is an animated short from [[1932]].
'''''Santa's Workshop''''' is an animated short from [[1932]].

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Santa's Workshop is an animated short from 1932.


Santa reads off the list of good or bad boys and girls while the elves go about constructing the toys and making things ready for Santa's trip.



Most television prints remove Santa approving the dolls for shipping, no doubt because the last doll was a black caricature who says "Mammy!" to him. It's also removed from A Walt Disney Christmas VHS, and the Walt Disney Animation Collection, Volume 7: Mickey's Christmas Carol DVD. The scene was restored back to the cartoon on the Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies DVD.


  • The Walt Disney Christmas VHS of this cartoon uses the burlap opening and closing titles. The original opening and closing titles were resorted for the cartoon's DVD release of Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies.
  • The toys include various ethnic stereotypes, as well as one of famed film star Charlie Chaplain being chased by a cop. A Mickey Mouse toy is likewise seen in Santa's bag near the end.



Home video

  • A Walt Disney Christmas (VHS/Betamax/CED/Laserdisc)
  • Walt Disney Animation Collection, Volume 7: Mickey's Christmas Carol (DVD)
  • Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies (DVD)


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