Sara Evers is the wife of Jim Evers and the deuteragonist in the 2003 comedy The Haunted Mansion. She and Jim are real estate agents for Evers and Evers Real Estate.

Role in the film

At the beginning of the movie, Sara and Jim were supposed to have dinner until he blows her off to sell a house. So he promises to take their family on a vacation with a quick stop at the Gracey Manor. They get stuck there because of a heavy rainstorm. In the evening she asks the maid where Jim is but the maid runs away. Following her, Sara comes across Ramsley who says he should be in the library. She really finds Master Edward Gracey and asks why he wants to sell his house, he gives a tour to tell her. He begins to tell the "legend" of the "former inhabitants". He then shows his fiancee's wedding dress which she never wore. Later he tries to dance with her but he is confused as to why she can't remember being Elizabeth. After Ramsley reveals that the children are trapped, she goes through with the wedding to save them. After saying "I do", she drinks the wine Ramsley has poisoned. After Ramsley is dragged to damnation, she lies dying in Jim's arms (having succumbed to the iocane) until the floating orb (which is really the spirit of Elizabeth) lands on her and restores her to life. She and Jim receive the deed to the mansion, and in the end, the Evers, as well as the Phantom Five and Madame Leota, ride off into the sunset.


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