Sarah Hawkins is a major character from Disney's 2002 feature film Treasure Planet.

Role in Film

Sarah Hawkins is a single mother and owner of the Benbow Inn. She is seemingly the only one to work there besides Jim, serving all the patrons herself at the beginning of the film. When Jim is brought in by robo-cops, she goes and tells them it will not happen again, scolding him as the same time with the use of her tone of voice. She then tries to convince him to not "throw away his entire future". Later on she is seen cleaning up the Benbow Inn and confiding in her best friend, Dr. Delbert Doppler, saying that ever since Jim's dad left, he'd never recovered, and that he was constantly in trouble and failing in school despite being extremely smart (having build his first solar surfer when he was eight). After this, Sarah is next seen sitting in a chair before Jim brings in dying Billy Bones.

After this, she is pulled up the stairs of the Benbow by Delbert when pirates attack the inn, and is taken to Delbert's mansion as the inn is burned down. Here Delbert and Jim try to comfort her, and then when Jim says he's going to go to Treasure Planet, Sarah immediately objects to the idea because it's dangerous. When she tries to get Delbert on her side, he is less than a help, but ends up helping convince Sarah that they'll be alright before the scene transitions to the spaceport. She later appears in Jim's memories during the song I'm Still Here to which she is seen holding Jim as a little boy and looking out the window of the Benbow Inn and later seen crying when her husband leaves her and Jim. Sarah isn't seen again until the end, where she is seen first hugging Jim at the spaceport, and then at the opening of the Benbow, and lastly at the celebration, where she dances with Jim and claps with the music.


  • Sarah's voice actor Laurie Metcalf is also the voice of Andy's Mom Jennifer Davis, in the Toy Story film series. Laurie Metcalf also played the mother of Sheldon Cooper on the non-Disney hit TV show Big Bang Theory.




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