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Sarah Wilson is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and featured in the Marvel Disney+ series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. She is the sister of Sam Wilson and makes her debut in the first episode. She is portrayed by Adepero Oduye.

Sarah Wilson was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan.



Sarah is a widowed single mother. She is hardworking, as she tried to keep the family business afloat, but falls under desperate times, due to the economic struggle, which has only worsened, following the Blip.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sarah is born to Paul and Darleme Wilson, and has a brother, Sam. She gets married, and has two sons, AJ and Cass. At an unknown point in time, her husband dies. Her mother passes and away, and later, so does her father. Before he does, the siblings make a deal, so that Sam can work as an Avenger, while she runs the business, as she sees fit. In 2018, the Mad Titan Thanos successfully collects the Infinity Stones, and wipes out half of all life in the universe. Sarah and her children are amongst the survivors, but her brother isn't, and she is forced to raise her children by herself. Five years later, Thanos is defeated, and all life taken in the incident are returned, in an event known as the Blip.

Sarah greets Sam, who returns to Louisiana, to help with the family business. He makes a remark on the stability of their family boat, despite its condition, and Sarah assures him that it needs to float long enough, so she can sell it. Sam reminds her that she told him they were going to discuss on whether they would sell, but Sarah states that whilst they did, she was keeping the business afloat, while he gone for five years. Sam argues about the sentimentality the boat holds for their family, but Sarah points out the delicate financial situation, which is why she'd prefer not to dwell on the matter. She insists the boat has to go, and reveals that she's operating at a loss, while working every day to keep the business running. Sam offers to help but she refuses on the basis of the deal they made their dad before he died. Sam accuses her of endangering the house, when she took out loans, and Sarah hits him in response, and walks away. Sam questions what if she had the money to fix up their boat so she could charter it, while not working out in the waters. Sarah expresses the difficulty she had in making this decision, and Sam suggests a loan, to her amusement, as she explains she's already tried to the banks. She believes its time to move on, but Sam insists on helping, and sets up an appointment. The day arrives, and she and Sam leave early for the bank. The meet with the banker, who is more interested in talking with Sam, about his status as the Falcon and an Avenger. Ultimately, their application is rejected, and Sarah leaves empty-handed. Sam is persistent on finding a bank who will accept their loan, but Sarah no longer wants to deal with them, after facing countless rejections. Sam states he won't quit, and Sarah questions what he's trying to prove, and to whom. She brings up how she never hid what she thought, after their father died, unlike Sam, who went away. She recalls the struggles she faced in the past fie years as a single mother, and tells him that she maintained the boat, but Sam reminds her that half the boat is his, as is the house, and they won't sell their family's legacy and she questions whether he's really going to argue with her, when he knows she 's in the right. The pair later return home, and Sarah finds out that a new Captain America is being unveiled publicly. She runs over to Sam, and switches on the new channel, so he can see for himself.

Sarah later phones Sam to discuss their financial situation. Sam questions what she's talking about, and she proceeds to ask if he's high, in response. She tells him he knows, and when Sam asks for clarity, she specifies that she's talking about the boat, and tells him to watch his tone, as he speaks to her. She reminds him she let him slide at the bank, and Sam talks about how much money he laundered there, and suggests they'll come around. She questions how, as they were rejected, while sarcastically referring to him as Big Time. He affirms the nickname, and tells her she'll see, when he has the banker killed. While on the phone, she calls out for Cass, and apologizes, as she has to leave.

Whilst outside, Sarah receives a call. She answers the phone, and the caller reveals them self to be Karli Morgenthau. Sarah indicates she's aware of her identity as the leader of the Flag Smashers, and refers to them as terrorists, but Karli argues that they're revolutionaries, depending on what side she's on. Sarah questions why Karli is calling her, and Karli responds that she's pondering on whether or not she should kill Sam, as she thought she could trust him, as the pair had things in common, but he is working for the new Captain America. Sarah argues that she didn't chose him, and when Karli questions who she would've chosen instead, she replies her world doesn't matter to America, so she doesn't care about their mascot. Karli notes that she likes Sarah, as she reminds her of herself, and Sarah urges Karli not to believe that Sam is not working for John Walker. Karli decides that she needs to meet with Sam alone, and passes on coordinates that she can forward to her brother. Sarah questions why she needs to act as the middle man, and Karli states she wants Sam to know she's serious and that he won't betray her trust again. She threatens Sarah, along with her sons, if Sam doesn't comply with her orders, and makes it clear, she knows Sarah's location. Sarah calls Sam to inform him of what transpired, and Sam instructs her to pack an overnight bag, take the boys, go somewhere safe, pay only in cash, and update him, on when she arrives. As the conversation ends, Sam assures her, that he'll never let anything happen to them.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - 1x05 - Truth - Photography - Bucky, Sam and Sarah.jpeg

Sarah eventually decides not to sell the family boat. Sam confronts her, on her decision not to tell him, and she reveals she decided not to, after seeing his sad demeanor last night. The two briefly discuss Isaiah Bradley, and she offers her support. She also makes it clear, that the initial buyer, Mr. Dinh, backed out from buying the boat, and worries about the financial responsibility in maintaining it, but Sam assures her, they will fix it. Sarah then hands out lunch to Cass and AJ, asks the pair to make sure their friends, also receive the extra food she packed. She shares with Sam that the boys friends, Bennett and Elliott's father doesn't prepare lunch for them, and Sam compares her charitable nature to their mother. He ponders on how many people owe their parents, and when Sarah answers all of them, Sam decides they should ask to call in those favors. Soon after, the local community all begin pitching in, to help repair the boat, and Bucky, also arrives for assistance and introduces himself to Sarah. The next day, she catches Sam attempting to fix the water pump, and heads in his direction, where Bucky flirtatiously greets Sarah. she reprimands her brother, after specifically telling him, the pump wasn't an issue, and has the two go off, elsewhere. After the boat is finally repaired, Sam hands Sarah a bucket of paint, to give the boat a new coat, and she confesses, that she longer has any interest in selling it. Sam reveals he's happy to hear her say this, and believes the boat represents their history, a fight which he doesn't want to lose, and shares that he believes that she always thought he was running away. Sarah responds, that she never thought he was, and teases him for being sensitive, while also admitting how much she missed him. She shows admiration for the fights he has taken on, and asks if he'll let Isaiah's views, cloud his judgement.


  • This is the first time Sarah Wilson has been shown in any format of character appearances outside Marvel comics.
  • In the comics, Sarah had a daughter instead of two sons.
  • She shares her name with Steve's mother, Sarah Rogers.


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