Sasha is one of the main protagonists from Walt Disney's 1946 short Peter and the Wolf, segment of the 1946 feature film Make Mine Music.



Sasha is an overly-excited bird who is forgetful at times. He helps Peter in his wolf hunt and is a close friend to Sonia. However, when the wolf supposedly eats Sonia, Sasha mourns but then seeks revenge by trying to fight the wolf himself.


Make Mine Music

He first appears in this segment, based on Prokovief's symphony. Sasha first appears coming out of his birdhouse and greets Peter who is going out to hunt the wolf with his popgun. Sasha then eagerly decides to tag along. He soon gets ambushed by Ivan who tries to eat him, but Peter manages to stop Ivan in time. Sasha later witnesses Sonia supposedly getting eaten by the wolf and mourns with the rest of the gang. Seeking revenge, he takes on the wolf himself but accidentally bumps into a tree after gloating overconfidently. However, Peter and Ivan manage to rescue Sasha from the hungry wolf, and he later goes to some hunters for help. He takes Sonia's supposed death the hardest, though he is overjoyed to find her alive at the end of the segment, and he and Sonia go off to see the parade.

House of Mouse

He makes frequent cameos as a guest in the show.


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