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Oh my gosh! Marcy says she found the perfect gift for you downtown; (laughs) a frog music box for the frog lover. Mm, I wonder if those gems are real.
―Sasha before the beginning of the series [src]

Sasha Waybright is a major recurring character and former antagonist of the series Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old girl and the childhood friend of Anne Boonchuy and Marcy Wu. When the three are teleported to the world of Amphibia through the magic of a music box, Sasha becomes a prisoner of Toad Tower, where she rises through the ranks to become first lieutenant to Captain Grime. She represents the pink gem of strength on the Calamity Box.


Sasha is a cheerleader and also has been friends with Anne and Marcy ever since kindergarten. Sasha first met Anne and Marcy when two older girls bullied them off a swingset. Seeing that they were too timid to stand up for themselves, Sasha stood up for them and immediately tried to force the girls to leave. Though they easily evaded her attacks, Sasha's unwillingness to give up caused them to leave and she has been friends with Anne and Marcy ever since.

While Sasha does care about Anne and Marcy, she would often boss them around and made them do things they weren't comfortable doing. During Anne's 13th birthday, Sasha managed to encourage her to ditch school, so they could have some actual fun when after receiving a text from Marcy about a strange box as a mocking present which would force Anne on having to miss her birthday party.

She was teleported to Amphibia along with her friends, Anne & Marcy after they stole and opened the Calamity Box and had somehow got captured by Captain Grime and his toad army but Sasha quickly earned the trust of toads and became Grimes' second in command.


Sasha is a rather charismatic girl. She is able to make friends so easily as shown in "Prison Break", where Sasha herself has been shown to have some good relationship with the toads and has even befriended most of them, including her captor, Captain Grime. Sasha has proven herself to be a fierce warrior and is seen to enjoy fighting; she also takes great pride in her strength as shown in the third temple.

Sasha prepared for battle

While outwardly nice and friendly, Sasha was actually manipulative, cunning, cold and quick tempered. While imprisoned, she was able to convince every one of her guards to quit. After cutting a deal with Grime for her freedom, she helped him trick his soldiers into being more loyal to him. As shown by her willingness to kill Hop Pop, she does not care about the inhabitants of Amphibia, seeing them as gross amphibians. However, this seems to have changed after her fight with Anne, seeing Grime, Percy, and Braddock as her friends.

Sasha's manipulative behaviors also extend to her friendship with Anne and Marcy. She's shown to be controlling of her two friends, especially Anne as she convinces and bullies her into doing things that she doesn't want to do, such as ditching her family on her birthday, as shown in "Reunion". Sasha seems to enjoy bossing Anne and Marcy around as she dislike when they undermine her authority. Once Anne stood up to her and Marcy shows that she is also becoming more independent, Sasha secretly tries to get them back under her control, which shows that she wants things between them to be the way they were.

However, Sasha does genuinely care about Anne and Marcy. In "Prison Break", her goal is to find her friends before going home. Upon seeing Anne again, Sasha was excited to see her and was relived that she was alright. In "Reunion", after seeing how much the Plantars care about Anne and vice versa, she lets go of her hand, believing she is better off without her. Also, upon reuniting with Marcy, Sasha was happy to see her and was safe. In addition, Sasha would risk her safety for Anne and Marcy, as she sacrificed her one chance to get home so her friends can, but only Anne made it while Marcy didn't.

Despite her controlling ways, Sasha doesn't wish for those she considers her friends get bullied and hurt, especially Anne, Grime and Marcy, as she would do anything to protect them, even when they don't want it. Also, Sasha was horrified when she discover King Andrias's true nature when she and Grime sees a mural of him destroying Amphibia. In addition, Sasha would never do something if it meant leaving her family, life or wanting for power as she was disgusted and hurt that Marcy not only tricked her alongside Anne into taking the box but also for stranding them in Amphibia on purposes.

After their duel at Toad Tower, Sasha is shown to feel guilty for her past actions and likely still does, but this is quickly overshadowed by feelings of abandonment and betrayal from Anne siding with the frogs instead of her, which developed into a grudge towards her and a want for revenge. Because of her falling out with Anne, she has a need to help Grime with his endeavors because she sees him as one of her friends and doesn't want to lose him as well. Also, hearing that Anne found Marcy and are working together, Sasha is shown to be angry and hurt that they both moved on without her, unaware that they're trying to find her and get back to their world together. Also, Sasha believes that she no longer has Marcy as her friend and fears that she might stand up to her just like Anne did.

When trying to get support for Grime's rebellion, she put her friends Percy and Braddock in horrible danger, which caused them to leave her. After they left and Grime tells her not to go after them as she assures her that its for the best, Sasha's guilt for her past actions became worse as she not only became regretful of putting the only other friends beside Grime in terrible danger like that and should've taken them out of harms way first before going further but also begins to question her ideals. This doubt and remorse is shown again after successfully regaining Anne's trust so she and Grime can put their invasion plan in motion as she became torn in her loyalties between her friends. Also, during her time with them, Sasha does see that Anne and Marcy have change a great deal during their time in Amphibia. Although she doesn't want to change herself like Anne and Marcy have, Sasha realized that even though her human friends aren't the same people she has come to know doesn't' mean their not the same people she cares about. Also, Sasha is learning that she can't control everything and should give others a chance to take charge once in a while.

Sasha reflects on her actions

Despite the invasion plan, Sasha really wants to be a better friend to Anne and Marcy as she truly wanted to fix her relationship with them instead of following through Grime's plan. However, in the season 2 final, out of not accepting that her human friends have grown backbones and for various other petty reasons, Sasha decides to go through with Grime's plan anyway, which caused her friendship with Anne and Marcy to crumble even further. Although, while thinking about what Anne said when she called her out for her actions, Sasha questions what she truly wants and was unsure what to do for herself, even when Grime cheered her up. However, after discovering King Andrias true intentions, Sasha focus her efforts in stopping him as she now sees what she could have become if she didn't take Anne's harsh words to the heart and decides to truly make amends for her past misdeeds. Sasha also becomes a true friend as she fights by Anne's side in order to stop Andrias in going through with his plans, even fending off Frog-Bot army.

Physical appearance

Sasha is a medium height teenage girl with a slender build, fair skin, blonde hair tied back into a high ponytail, and has a beauty mark under her left eye.

After her duel with Anne at Toad Tower, she now has a scar on her right cheek.


When she initially comes to Amphibia, she wears her schoolgirl uniform. It consists of a light blue-gray shirt with a pink collar and "SJMS" coat covered by a jean jacket with rolled-up sleeves beneath her elbows, a short pink skirt, light blue socks and dark gray Mary Jane shoes.

As of "Anne of the Year", Sasha started dressing up in brownish toad armor with a single bronze pauldronon her right shoulder, one glove on her left hand, parts of her arms covered in leather, wears armored boots, a greyish browns skirt, a spiked belt and dark gray hooded cloak after becoming Captain Grime's second-in-command.

In "Toadcatcher" she still wears her armor but without the pauldron or cloak and she now wears two gloves.

In "Barrel's Warhammer" she now wears armor with slightly lighter coloring and has gone back to wearing a cloak and only one glove. Her new cloak and pauldron on her right shoulder has an eye like symbol painted on them by Percy; she also has a smaller shoulder pad on her left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power of the Pink Gem: First seen in "Barrel's Warhammer", the Calamity Box has given her the power of strength, evidenced by her eyes glowing pink like her gem. She likely lost her power in "The Third Temple" when the gem got recharged.


  • Psychological Warfare: Sasha is persuasive, manipulative and deceptive being able get others to do what she wants. Her domineering nature allowed to push Anne around for years before Anne finally broke free of her influence. She was able to trick General Yunnan long enough to defeat her.
  • Combat Capabilities: Sasha is a natural fighter as first seen in "Prison Break"; showing great strength agility, speed, ingenuity and ferocity. She can also use the moves she learned as a cheerleader in battle. Her skills as a warrior improved greatly during her time as Grime's second-in-command.
    • Swordsmanship: After her training with the toads Sasha became a very capable swordsmen being able to fight Anne who also became a highly accomplished swordsmen during her time in Amphibia on equal grounds.


  • Swords:The pink sword, along with her armor, was first given to Sasha by Captain Grime after helping him and his army ward off a pair of herons. Ever since, Sasha has used the sword as her primary weapon of choice. Throughout time, Grime and Sasha's friendship developed more than just for using one another for their own games and after helping Grime raise a rebellion, take over Newtopia and overthrow King Andrias, Grime decided to give her another sword as a gift, hence her silver sword.
  • Dagger

Role in the series


Sasha making Anne steal the music box

As a child, Sasha was playing in a playground when she noticed Anne and Marcy being bullied by two teenage girls, and she stood up for them, who ended up being enamored by her bravery. Although her attempts to defend them were to no avail, the teenagers got annoyed by her and decided to leave. Anne and Marcy, who were impressed by her for helping them, introduced themselves to her, and she subsequently befriended them.

Since then, Sasha, Anne and Marcy have been friends for a long time, but things were not as great as they seem; Sasha made Anne and possibly Marcy do things that made them had uneasy feelings about, inscribing fear into her friends, especially if they undermined her authority. At some point, they stared a band.

Before the start of the series, Sasha made Anne ditch school for her birthday as they spend the day playing Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade. Sasha also stole money from the machine, ride a shopping cart, doing graffiti and chilling out in a café. Just as Anne is about to head home, Sasha convinced her to go see Marcy about getting a mysterious music box as a present, but they were both unaware that their friend planned to run away from her parents because they were moving and knew something about the box. While Anne was inside of a Thrift shop, Sasha signals her to steal the box while the cashier lady is sleeping. After Anne slips it into her backpack and walks out the shop, they regrouped at a nearby park with no one else in sight to take a better look at the box. Once Anne opens the box, a large spark of light can be seen coming out of it and then Sasha finds herself in the world of Amphibia, separated from Anne and Marcy. At some point, Sasha was captured by the toad army and was taken to Toad Tower.

Season 1

In the Toad Tower, Captain Grime is seen in front of a cell room and shows Sasha, currently in a battered cell, a lost shoe belonging to Anne that was found far from the castle in the south forest. This leads him to believe that not only was she lying to him, but that there is more of her kind still out there somewhere in Amphibia.

During her time imprisoned at the tower, Sasha convinced serval toads into quit their jobs. They eventually find out two giant herons were nearing toad tower. The herons then start to instantly attack, the toads take shelter with Grime being upset, because the toads are not doing anything, too scared of the herons. Sasha gives Grime advice to compliment the toads instead of saying rude things to them. Grime then starts complimenting the toads and the toads instantly decide to attack the herons. The toads get rid of the herons and the toads go to have a grand feast. Grime then offer his he to be his second in command witch she accepts. Sasha then pulls out a picture of her with her friends promising to find them but also decide to have some "fun" with this world.

After spending much time helping Grime leading the toads in the valley Sasha goes to Wartwood and has Toadie bring Anne to the bridge out of town were she reveals herself to a surprised Anne. The two scream in delight and hug as Anne says how much she missed her. Sasha is overjoyed as well and then introduces Captain Grime and his toad army who then emerge from the darkness.

A defeated Sasha realizes she can longer no control Anne.

Grime and his army enter Wartwood to invite the frogs to a banquet celebrating Anne and Sasha's reunion. After Anne gives the okay, they head to Toad Tower. While the frogs enjoy the banquet, Anne and Sasha hang out in Sasha's room. Sasha tells Anne that the banquet was to get Hop Pop to the tower so he can be fed to a giant Venus flytrap for inspiring rebellions in the valley. Anne tries to rescue the frogs, but they are all captured. As Hop Pop is taken to be executed, Anne tries to get Sasha to free them, but she tries to once again manipulate Anne again like she did on earth and almost succeeds, but after seeing this an angry Sprig throws mud at Sasha, denounces her as a bully, and encourages Anne. Angered by this defiance, Sasha tries to kill Sprig, but Anne intervenes, standing up to her at long last. Grime proposes a duel between the girls: if Anne wins the frogs can go, but if Sasha wins Hop Pop is to die. After an intense battle, Anne manages to defeat her by thrusting her sword into Sasha's, knocking her down and causing her to drop her sword and dagger, resulting in a cut on Sasha's face. Anne stands over her and states that she is not going to let Sasha push her around anymore, which stuns Sasha. Grime dose not keep is word and tries to kill Hop Pop anyway. It was then the tower starts to explode from One-Eyed Wally's boomshrooms. As everyone escapes the collapsing tower, Anne tries to save Sasha, but she lets herself fall out of guilt for how she treated her and to prevent Anne from falling as well. Grime saves Sasha, and he and the toads escape with her unconscious body.

Season 2

Looks like I've got my own path now, Anne. But it's not over between us... not even close.
―Sasha warning Anne on the horizon[src]

Sasha vows to settle the score with Anne

While helping Grime hide from the law after Toad Tower collapsed, Sasha is rigorously training and pushing herself for revenge against Anne and the Plantars using dummies of them. She then tries to motivate Grime by having Percy and Braddock pose as bounty hunters and attacks them but this ends in failure. When General Yunnan comes for Grime they try escaping into the woods. While they were fleeing Grime pointed out that the real reason that Sasha is training so hard because she is trying to distract herself with fact that Anne stood up to her and nothing between them will be the same again. After nearly falling off a cliff, Sasha admits he's right and reveals the second reason for her training was so she would not lose Grime too because she now sees him as her only friend she has left, witch takes Grime aback and together they defeat Yunnan. Grime now motivated at last decides to raise a new army and attack Newtopia; Sasha looks to the horizon as she caressed the scar Anne gave her on her cheek, promising that she and Anne are not through with their quarrel.

A guilt ridden Sasha after she drove Percy and Braddock away with her neglect

Grime, Sasha, Percy and Braddock arrive at the north tower to get support for their rebellion. While the toad lords love the idea, Captain Bufo tells them that they are not on board with following a fugitive and a human. When Sasha learns from Grime’s sister Captain Beatrix that Anne and Marcy are working together with King Andrias, she flies in a rage and defeats all the toads that try to arrest her group and demands to know what would it take for the toads to follow them. It is then Captain Aldo gives the group the proposal of retrieving the legendary warhammer of Barrel the Brave. Sasha accepts the challenge and her group set off. Percy and Braddock are scared because of the beast that guarded the weapon, so Sasha tells them to give her a signal if the things get too intense for them, but when the beast attacks and they give the signal she instead ignores them and drives the creature towards the tower. In the end, it is Sasha’s frustration from the thought of Anne and Marcy moving on without her causes her to pull the warhammer out of the monster’s head; the warhammer starts to glow and knocks out the savage wild animal. With the quest completed, Sasha and Grime get the full support of the 3 toad armies. However, Percy and Braddock leave because they no longer want to work with Sasha who put their lives in danger for her own gain. Sasha tries to stop them only for Grime, who tells her that they have reached their limit, to stop her. Even though she is victorious that day, she is saddened by the fact she has lost her two toad friends.

Sasha regains Anne's trust

Sasha and Grime track Anne and Marcy down at a temple in a volcano and saves them from some lava worms. Marcy is very excited to see her other human friend, but Anne is concerned. Sasha says the only reason they stalked them into the temple was to tell Anne that she is sorry for everything that went down at Toad Tower and that it was all her fault and wrong of her to put her frog friends in danger and for pushing her around and bullying her. Hop Pop is skeptical, and Sasha explains that she and Grime had to go into hiding and lost everything after the toad tower incident and she had a lot of time to think; she then asks what they were even doing in here, so Marcy explains their quest to recharge the 3 gem stones of the calamity box and that this is the third and finale temple. Sasha is surprised at the aspect of a real way home and when Macy explains that each temple has a theme for their trials and this one is strength, Sasha is confident that she is the right person for the job and they press onwards. The group reaches the final trial witch is a giant stone toad monster that can increase the gravity in the room, and all the amphibians are too weak to try and get closer, and Marcy’s outfit is too heavy. Sasha and Anne get closer and closer to the creature, Sasha tells Anne that she can tell that she still doesn't trust her even after she apologized. Anne then points out that it wasn't just the Toad Tower indecent; the fact was that Sasha had pushed her around her whole life and Sasha to her great shame admits she was right, much to Anne's surprise. When it seemed hopeless Anne gives the motivational speech Sasha needs, and says she still trusts her despite all that has happened. Sasha manages to remove her cloak, pauldron and boots; decreasing her weight enough to fight in the intense gravity and destroys the creature, and Anne lets her charge the third and final stone so they can all make it back home. Marcy stops them from opening the box and suggests they take it back to King Andrias so they can use it correctly. As they leave, Sasha thanks Anne for believing in her and Anne suggests that they have a fresh start, which makes Sasha happy. After they are left alone Grime makes sure that Sasha hasn’t forgotten the plan to use her friends as a way to get into Newtopia. Sasha says they bought her act hook line and sinker, but also shows signs of genuine guilt of what might happen to Anne and Marcy.

Sasha: "Anne, listen I’m sorry I lost my cool and I know you want me to change who I am but I don’t know if I can. I like who I am."
Anne: "Maybe what I’m asking for isn’t for you to change maybe it’s for you to recognize that I’ve changed."
Sasha: "(Scoffs) Well that’s no problem. I mean look at you. What happen to the shy little Anne that I needed me to stick up for her all the time?"
Anne: "(Chuckles) She’s still here, Sash. She just needs a little less protecting. So what how about it? Think this whole thing can work?"
Sasha: "I think we can definitely give it a shot. Yeah."
―Anne and Sasha coming to an understanding

A great desert after an intense battle

Felicia Sundew rented a spare room to her and Grime for their stay in Wartwood. When Anne invited her to dinner at the Planters’ farm Grime reminded her to keep up the nice act for the plan to work; Sasha is confident that she can keep Anne and Marcy in the palm of her hands and once they conquer amphibia she can get her friendship with the girls under control once again. As they arrived Anne, Sasha and Marcy are all elated to be together again. During dinner she was actually impressed by Hop Pop’s cooking, then she and the girls reminisce about the time they skipped theater rehearsal to throw a wild party on the school roof, but things got awkward for Sasha when she was reminded that Anne took the blame and got punished when they got caught. When they were playing a game of drawsidoodle the Planters get on her nerves when they keep reminded her of the Toad Tower incident with turns into a heated argument with Anne. Just then the Vol-cake-no Grime brought over grows to epic proportions and hot chocolate lava comes pouring out everywhere. Grime explains that toads have a grand battle during desert just he was paralyzed by giant hornets that started flying out of the cake. As the hornets began swarming all around everyone, the human girls work together when they discovered they can penetrate the insects' hard exoskeletons with their own stingers. After they defeat the hornets and toss them all the chocolate just before it hardens, Sasha apologizes and explains she is not sure she wants to change because she likes the way she is. Anne tells Sasha that while she knows it is difficult for her to change, she needs to accept the fact that Anne has done so. Sasha does see the truth in what Anne is saying and hugs her. Grime comes to and offers everyone to try the chocolate covered hornets and find that they are quite delicious.

Sasha being supportive of Anne in the Battle of the Bands

Mayor Toadstool holds a Battle of the Bands contest and the girls get together to reform Sasha and the Sharps. However, Sasha shows her controlling nature when Anne suggests a new song and she leaves in a huff. She tries forming a band with Toadie, but she later realizes that Toadie has no opinions for himself and it is actually exhausting always being in control. When Toadie points out that sometimes it's actually fun to support someone who you really care about, Sasha decides to join with Anne and Marcy and play Anne’s song. After the contest which Grime won thanks to his 3 hour harp solo, Anne suggests taking a group photo before she, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home, to which everyone in Wartwood joins in.

Sasha: "Woah is that the king with the music box?"
Captain Grime: "If it is, it's a real good thing we stopped him."
―Sasha and Grime seeing the hidden mural

Sasha and Grime learn the dark truth of King Andrias

After the group reached Newtopia, Sasha and Grime put their hoods up due to Grime's criminal status And Marcy promised to to get the king to pardon them. Just as Anne was about hand the music box over to Andrias, Sasha and Grime made their move and stole the music box. Sasha threaten to destroy the music box; Andrias reminded her that the music box was her only way home, but Sasha explained that she's not sure she wants to go home especially when she can rule an actual kingdom instead of some middle school. With Andrias distracted with Sasha, Grime was able to incapacitate the giant newt king with Barrel's Warhammer. Now that Andrias was locked up and the hidden toad soldiers were reeking havoc, the city gates were now open for the rest of the toad army that would be arriving within the hour. Sasha continued to act cordial towards Anne and Marcy and even offered them to join her, but Anne refused, calling her a horrible person and that she was done being friends with her. With that Sasha tried to send Anne back to earth to separate her from her surrogate frog family forever but couldn't' figure out how to get the box to work, so she ordered the guards to send Anne to the dungeon until she could, along with Marcy, the Planters, Lady Olivia and Frobo. While hanging out in the throne room Grime gave her a gift; a second sword so she could duel wield. Sasha was overjoyed, but when she looked at her reflection in the blade she was saddened as she began to wonder if Anne was right about her and is not sure what she wants anymore. Grime tried to cheer her up by helping her redecorate the castle, but when they tore down a tapestry they found a mural under it showing the king using the box for destructive purposes, making Sasha and Grime realize that Andrias may not be the benevolent ruler he appears to be. Just then they see that Anne and the others have escaped and go to stop Anne from closing the gate. Sasha tries to warn Anne about Andrias, but Anne is understandably still furious with her and attacks her. Anne manages to defeat her by pulling her own cape over her face.

Sasha becomes a true friend at long last

After the toad invasion failed Sasha and Grime were brought before the king with their hands bound in rope. Sasha once again tried to warn Anne only for Yunan cover her mouth with her tail. When Anne gave Andrias the box he told everyone present about a time when he was betrayed by his best friends, that the music box was stolen from him and no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he got the box back he will use it's power to restore Newtopia to glory. Andrias used the box to power up his castle; enabling it to fly, then he reactivated ancient factories that created a massive robot army that arrived at the castle within moments. Andrias revealed that he was planning on invading other worlds starting with earth. When Anne and Sasha told the king they would stop him, he decides to show them a sample of his power by using his castles' giant laser cannon to destroy a nearby toad tower. Andrias shocked Anne and Sasha by divulging the truth that Marcy got the human girls stranded in Amphibia on purpose. Marcy then explained that on Anne's birthday her father told her he got a new job out of state and they were moving away and that she learned of the music box before hand; she wanted to use it to take the 3 of them to a world were they could be together forever, then Marcy fell to her knees with her remorse. Anne vows to stop Andrias and Sasha finally decides to do the right thing and fights by her side; Grime also joins the battle. When the king threw Sprig out the window Sasha watched as the grief it caused Anne to awaken the power of the blue gem stone within her and was amazed by the new abilities she wielded as she destroyed many frog bots and beat Andrias to the floor. When Marcy saved Sprig and used the music box to open the portal to earth, Sasha and Grime held off Andrias while Anne and the Planters fled into the portal but the portal closed before she could flee as well thanks to Andrias driving his laser sword though Marcy.

Season 3

During the Season 3 intro sneak peek, Sasha is shown leading the citizens of Wartwood in a rebellion against King Andrias.


The Disney Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Sasha Waybright.


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  • Sasha's voice actress, Anna Akana, does the role of Gloria from another Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens.
  • Sasha has been confirmed by series creator Matt Braly to evolve and change as a person throughout the course of the series.
  • Matt Braly stated Anne and Sasha's next encounter will be "Volcanic" which was referring to "The Third Temple".
  • Matt Braly describes Sasha as someone with "Good Intentions..... Bad Execution."
  • Sasha's favorite food is Orange Chicken.[2]
  • Her sword is similar to the blood sword from the Final Fantasy saga, which debuted in Final Fantasy 2.
  • Sasha is arguably white. Ironically, her voice actress is Asian (specifically Japanese with some Filipino and Hawaiian), just like the voice actresses behind Anne Boonchuy and Marcy Wu.


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