"Save the Statue" is the second segment of the third episode of The Rocketeer. It premiered on November 15, 2019 alongside "Ground Control to Rocketeer".


Kit, Tesh and Butch are in pursuit of Laura and Harley, who have stolen and truck in the shape of a chicken. After a chase through the town, it comes to an end when Laura and Harley crash into the Rocketeer statue. Laura and Harley escape, and the statue is left in pieces. The townspeople are heartbroken by the loss of the prized statue, and worst of all the town cannot afford to repair it. However, Kit comes up with an idea to raise money by hosting an airshow. Everyone likes her idea and immediately gets to work on the arrangements. Dave will perform in the show, Sareena will run the food stands, and Tash will advertise and host the show. When Laura and Harley hear about the airshow they conjurer up a plan to steal the money they are going to raise to repair the statue. Before carrying out their plan, they go around towns and farms, stealing bits and bobs to make a crude baby's pram.

At the airshow, all is going well. the show is turning out very successful and already a lot of donation money for the statue is coming in. With Laura riding the pram dressed as a baby, the two thieving sister sneak into the airshow and start swiping cash from money boxes while they wait for the donation jar to fill up. However, they get caught by Kit. They take all the money they stole, including the donation money, and escape in a clown's stunt plane. However, neither one of them knows how to fly, and end up in the sky out of control. Knowing they could crash at any moment, Kit suits up and saves them as they jump out. After handing Laura and Harley over to the police, she flies after the pilot-less plane and tries to bring it down safely. However, she does not know how, but her grandfather manages to indirectly instruct her on how to. She successfully bring the plane down safely.

Afterwards, the donation money is returned and used to repair the Rocketeer statue, which now proudly stands in the town square once again.



  • Kit flies a plane for the first time.
  • Earhart Street is a nod to Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

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