Schoolhouse rock america rock cd rom

Schoolhouse Rock!: America Rock is a Schoolhouse Rock! PC video game developed by Creative Wonders in 1996.


Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock lets players experience American history and geography while trying to get their bill passed through both houses of Congress and on to The White House.

To get on the road to Capitol Hill, players must gain one acceptance stamp from each of the games contained in the program. Beating the game gives the players the stamp they need but each game has a different requirement for winning.

Players have their choice of five different bills or they can write their own. There are three levels of difficulty that cannot be switched while in the game. In addition to gaining acceptance stamps, winning the five games gives players tools they can use to get out of the various pitfalls on their way to getting their bill voted into law.

To get help on the games, players can also view the videos that were originally shot for the Schoolhouse Rock program.


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