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Schweitzer Falls is a fictional location from the Jungle Cruise. Is is also often referred to as the Backside of Water.



Schweitzer Falls is a waterfall located along the Nile River in Northern Africa, intersecting with the Zambezi river and Congo river. The falls were part of the mystic, "Rivers of Adventure" otherwise known as the, "Jungle Rivers of Adventureland", a series of water passages which combines exotic locations around the world into, "Adventureland". The falls were part of the territory of the Umbala tribe of Northern Africa, a tribe which was apparently around since at-least the early 18th century.

The falls were, "Discovered" and named the August 12th of 1891 by explorer Dr. Albert Falls. As Falls was a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, this discovery was officialize by senior member and photographer Luana Teixera. For unknown reasons, the Falls' backside garnered a famed reputation as, "The eighth wonder of the world". Those who passed through the falls were often attacked by the Umbala tribe in ambushes, likely due to Falls having effectively stolen their land.

When Albert's granddaughter Alberta Falls took over the Jungle Navigation Company and started the Jungle Cruise in the 1930s, the falls were a popular stop. Around 1938, a sample of the backside of water was sent to one Professor Marley at Marshall College for study. In the 1940s, S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey was brought to the falls by a skipper, likely working for the Jungle Navigation Company.

Development history

Schweitzer Falls is an artificial waterfall located in the Jungle Cruise which functions to keep a flow of water while also blending the river-water with brown dye. This brown dye gives the appearance of a natural mud while also working to hide the mechanical parts and rails of the boats and many audio-animatronics utilized in the Jungle Cruise. Maps for the attraction show it as part of, "Headhunter territory" and concept art by Marc Davis show it was once planned for headhunters to attack from the falls.

The Falls were originally named for German-French theologist and humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). The original narration skippers had in the Jungle Cruise had them state that the falls were named for Dr. Albert Schweitzer, "Who has done so much for the people of Africa". During the time when the Jungle Cruise's tone became much more comedic, skippers took a habit to improv comedy and made the joke that it was named for one Dr. Albert Falls rather than Albert Schweitzer.

In a 1990s refurbishment, this joke was made part of the Jungle Cruise's official script. In 2015, Schweitzer Falls was the basis for the creation of the character Dr. Albert Falls with the opening of the Skipper Canteen.


Adventure Trading Company

In this interactive attraction, the Adventure Trading Company were in the possession of a barrel labelled, "The Backside of Water". The falls' discovery is also mentioned in the Daily Gnus newspaper albeit erroneously having the year of discovery be 1903 rather than 1891.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

In Jock Lindsey's flight log is a note about how while in Africa, a skipper took him to go see the Backside of Water.

Jungle Cruise

Schweitzer Falls is a location travelled to in every version of the Jungle Cruise.

Skipper Canteen

There are multiple allusions to Schweitzer Falls in this restaurant. There is a portrait showing Dr. Falls' discovery of the Falls nearby the signed certificate of discovery. Another portrait shows Dr. Falls sailing near the falls in the year 1911. In the mess-hall is a barrel labelled as containing, "The Backside of Water" which is to be sent to one Dr. D. Marley at Marshall College. Dr. Marley is a tribute to Dr. David John "Dr. Skipper" Marley who teaches history classes on Disneyland and Marshall College is the college where Indiana Jones works.

Trader Sam's

The Schweitzer Falls is the name of a beverage in Trader Sam's bars with the menu identifying it as having been the favourite drink of Dr. Albert Falls. Two additional references are located in the decor of Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. One is a house rule saying, "Call bartender if Schweitzer falls" (seemingly referencing a patron of the bar named Schweitzer) while the other is a photograph of a large (different) waterfall described by Sam as, "The front-side of water".

Other appearances


Jungle Cruise

Schweitzer Falls is mocked in this film where Frank Wolff uses tubes to create, "The backside of water" for his disappointing Jungle Cruise tours.

Printed materials

Skipper Survival Guide

Schweitzer Falls was featured on the logos for these booklets detailing the Jungle Cruise's (since outdated) backstory. There was also reference to the boat the Mekong Miss was wrecked while going over the falls.

Tales from Adventureland

In Tales from Adventureland: The Golden Paw, Schweitzer Falls is located in the Congo rather than in the Nile River. Protagonist Andy Stanley and skipper Jack McGraw plunge over the side of the falls while on a mission.


Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

The player passes by a waterfall identified as Schweitzer Falls in this game. It has several skippers tending to hippos on it.

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