Searching for a successor

Searching for a Successor is a Disney comic by Carl Barks about the rivalry between Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander.


A silk topper is rolling down the street and both Donald and Gladstone try to catch it. They both hit the wall but Gladstone's side was padded and the hat turns out to be Scrooge McDuck's who thinks that it's time to choose a successor so he decides to give a Business both to Donald and Gladstone.

Next day Donald goes to meet Uncle Scrooge, but Gladstone is too lazy to go right away so Donald will choose between a house moving company or a feather bed factory, the problem is the manager of the house moving company will have to move a house from a sharp hill to another, so Donald chooses the feather bed factory and Gladstone ends up with the house moving company.

Donald and his nephews are unable to sell any mattresses so they decide to make pillows instead. A tornado moves the house Gladstone was supposed to move to the other hill and scatters donald's feathers. Fortunately, Scrooge gives Donald a big commission because Scrooge sold two warehouses of vacuum cleaner, thanks to Donald's feathers.

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