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Second Chance Antiques is an antique store and one of the key locations in the 2019 Disney/Pixar animated film, Toy Story 4. Bo Peep spent years gathering dust at this store until she decided to move on. Later, Woody spots her lamp and goes inside to look for her. The antique store is also home to a host of toys, including Gabby Gabby, The Bensons, Duke Caboom, and more. Says director Josh Cooley, "This is a new location for us. My parents are big antiquers, so I've been to a lot of antique stores. The nostalgia of it—almost a feeling of going back in time—seemed right for this revisiting of Bo and Woody. And there are just unlimited opportunities. The goal of a Toy Story movie is to always remember these are toys. The antique store is a cool setting anyway, but from a toy's point of view, it's uncharted territory."


According to production designer Bob Pauley, the antique store is vast and filled with thousands of objects. "We did a lot of research," he says. "For Ratatouille, they went to Paris. For Up, they went to Venezuela. But for Toy Story 4, we visited local antique stores. We discovered a lot of charming, interesting and fun people running them, and many visual similarities from store to store. There's often a stoplight, a jukebox, sometimes a big plastic Santa and of course lots of collectibles and real antiques. There are many lights and lamps illuminating all the items throughout the store—lights connected to lots and lots of extension cords and power strips. The front desks are always interesting, small notes, little curiosities, extra tags, and refreshingly low tech: they laboriously hand-write 20 receipts and chat about your purchase. There's also a cat or two that have the run of the place, so we incorporated one to help tell our story."

Official Description

According to Production designer Bob Pauley, the antique store is vast and filled with thousands of objects. “We did a lot of research,” he says. “For ‘Ratatouille,’ they went to Paris. For ‘Up,’ they went to Venezuela. But for ‘Toy Story 4,’ we stayed close and visited local antique stores. We discovered a lot of charming, interesting and fun people running them, and many visual similarities from store to store. There’s often a stoplight, a juke box, sometimes a big plastic Santa and of course lots of collectables and real antiques. There are many lights and lamps illuminating all the items throughout the store—lights connected to lots and lots of extension cords and power strips. The front desks are always interesting, small notes, little curiosities, extra tags and refreshingly low tech: they laboriously hand-write receipts and chat about your purchase. There’s also a cat or two that have the run of the place, so we incorporated one to help tell our story.

Role in the film

Woody and Forky go past the Second Chance Antiques near the RV parking area where Bonnie and her family would be at just as Forky happily tries to continue while Woody gazes upon the same lamp that belonged to Bo Peep and Billy, Goat, and Gruff. As the two enter to look for her, Gabby Gabby introduces herself to a ventriloquist dummy called "Benson". Gabby explains to the two that kids in the antiques store never play with them. Woody asks her to find Bo to which she agrees to help him. While the Benson pushes the pram, Woody talks with Gabby and learns they were both made in the 50s. Gabby realizes that Woody has a voice box just like her, except that it is damaged despite the record box working fine. The conversation, however, is interrupted when Gabby realizes the store is ready to open. However, when Woody takes off with Forky, Gabby orders the Bensons to stop him to get the voice box back to her. Forky gets caught, but Woody manages to escape by distracting a girl named Harmony, who prepares to take him to the playground, where he is reunited with Bo, her sheep, and meets her friend, Giggle McDimples.

Later when Woody feels bad that Bonnie wants Forky back, the gang in the Skunkmobile takes Woody to help find Forky and bring him back to Bonnie. The plan, however, was unsuccessful, due to it crashing into a merry-go-round in the carnival just as Woody and the gang spy on the antiques store finding an easier plan to get in which is via roof. Buzz, who managed to escape from being won at Star Adventurer, notices Woody using the roof to get inside. Buzz, with help from Ducky and Bunny, decides to help Woody find Forky as Woody and the gang enter via roof. Woody and the gang sneak past via tight area to avoid getting spotted by the Bensons to which Bo warns that not only the Bensons are a threat but also Dragon, the shop's cat.

Continuing the plan to find Forky, Billy, Goat, and Gruff get captured by one of the Bensons from Woody and Bo just as Bo plans to find her sheep while Ducky and Bunny plan to distract Margaret to help Woody find Forky. Meanwhile, Gabby devises a plan for Forky to reunite with Bonnie while Woody and Bo enter a pinball machine to get advice from Duke Caboom. Arriving there, Bo introduces Duke to Woody. Asking Duke for help to find Bo Peep's sheep and Forky, Duke refuses to help to which he explains a tragic flashback of what his former owner Rejean did to him to which Duke feels upset about Rejean calling him a useless toy. At the present, Bo tells Duke to be who he is now by turning the fear into faith so that he can help Woody and Bo find the missing toys for them. Buzz and Ducky and Bunny arrive with the keys to which it is explained that it was very hard to obtain the key. Bo then decides to do the plan to find the lost toys.

Waiting past Margaret talking to an employee and avoiding detection from a Benson, Bo, Woody, Buzz, Giggle, Ducky, Bunny, and Duke plan to rescue the lost toys and arrive at a movie aisle to help Duke reach Forky. During a plan to reach Gabby's cabinet, Woody's friends work together to help Duke reach it, but Duke falls due to his uncontrollable speed after remembering Rejean again. Just as Bo and Woody arrive at Gabby's cabinet, find Forky inside just as the Bensons ambush Woody's friends. During an ambush between Gabby, the Bensons, and Dragon the Cat, they try to take Woody's voice box, just as Bo stops them and finds her missing sheep. As the toys go down, Woody's friends use Dragon with help from Duke Caboom to escape from Gabby while a Benson grabs Forky, capturing him again. The gang escapes from the store through a back alley.

Woody plans to rescue Forky again, but the toys refuse to listen, just as Woody's friends walk off to the carnival just as Woody takes risk of himself only to be cornered by Gabby Gabby and the Bensons again. Explaining to Woody about why she had a defective voice box, she explains that she wants to find a new owner, causing Woody to feel inspired about Gabby's truth just as Woody tells Gabby to find Forky and return him to her owner to which she agrees.

Meanwhile at the RV, Buzz's chagrin distracts Bonnie's family to return to the antique store about her forgetting her backpack while Gabby (with Woody's voice box) bids a farewell to Forky to meet Bonnie, whose family arrives back at the store and asks Margaret that she forgot her backpack just as Woody and Forky plan to escape. However, Bonnie finally finds Forky in her backpack while planning to leave to the Tri-County Area just as Margaret closes her store. Ultimately, Woody and the gang manage to return to Bonnie just as the store closes.


  • There are several cameos and references to Disney/Pixar/Lucasfilm merchandise to show an homage to past Pixar projects and employees who worked at Pixar, making Toy Story 4 the Pixar film with the most Easter eggs in it:
    • The Antiques Store was established in 1986, the year Pixar was founded. Its address is also 1200, the same address Pixar is located in Emeryville.
    • The store's hanging sign has the same hand from the credits for Presto.
      • Other items from the short include a hat rack from Presto DiGiotagione's dressing room, Alec Azam's cage, the musicians' washboard and banjo, and the stage ladder.
    • The plates on the top cabinet where Gabby Gabby sits at have the same designs used in Brave and Up.
    • A model of the barracuda from Finding Nemo.
    • The Pixar Ball can be seen when Woody and the gang looks through a hatch.
    • A Casey Junior Cookies box from A Bug's Life, P. Sherman's Diver Mask from Finding Nemo, and Carl's cane from Up.
    • A113 can be seen on the store's carpet design in vintage style.
    • The tikis shown on the Tiki Party pinball machine are the same designs of the tikis from Finding Nemo.
    • Carburetor County license plates, model of Lizzie and Flo, and a Dinoco neon sign and gas station.
    • Scream Canisters from Monsters, Inc.
    • The sewing machines the Riveras use from Coco.
    • The dogs seen on the painting Dogs Playing Poker are actually cameos of Muntz's dogs from Up.
      • Additionally, other references to Up include Muntz bi-plane models and the Spirit of Adventure.
    • A carving identical to the ones from the Witch's Cottage from Brave.
    • Captain B. McCrea's hat and a coffee mug with a picture of EVE from WALL-E.
    • An alebrije figure of Pepita from Coco.
    • A dinosaur trophy resembling Arlo from The Good Dinosaur.
    • Frying pans from Ratatouille.
    • The Rocket Wagon from Inside Out.
    • A VHS tape of the Pixar short Lifted.
    • Eggman Movers TripleDent Gum, and Poultry Palace are seen on vintage style signs.
    • The Elasticycle from Incredibles 2.
    • Tinny from Tin Toy can be seen amongst the other antique toys when Woody and Bo enter the pinball machine, alongside Franklin (from the Toy Story Toons short Small Fry) also appears in this scene, but is a full-bodied eagle toy instead of being in his fast food toy appearance. Señorita Cactus (a deleted character from the second film) also appears as a cameo.
      • Additionally, some of the toys seen in that same scene are actually cameos of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba from the Star Wars franchise.
    • The camera in the 50s aisle is actually the same camera used in the MovieTown News logo from Up at the beginning of the film. Also, names of Pixar shorts, such as Lifted, Knick Knack, Red's Dream, and Lava appears as board games. Below one of the board games is Ed's Hand, a tribute to Edwin Catmull's short film, A Computer Animated Hand.
    • Wally B.'s name and an image of Wally B. himself can be seen in napkins.
    • A sign saying "Lucky 7" can be seen during the part where Duke is being launched towards the cabinet Gabby Gabby is at. This is a reference to one of the lounges at Pixar Animation Studios.
    • The Pixar Image Computer can be seen during the part where Duke, Woody, and the gang chase Dragon the Cat during the chase scene.
    • Ken's Dream House can be partly seen during the part where before the toys crash through the store's back window.
  • The typewriter Woody leaps on is actually a Hank's typewriter. Ironically, Woody's voice actor Tom Hanks has a number of typewriters.
  • The back of the Second Chance Antiques store is actually inspired from Gabby Gabby's original lair.
  • In Toy Story Drop!, Bo's Big Rescue and scenes 5 and 10 takes place in Second Chance Antiques.

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