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Disney's Second Screen Live is a version of Disney Second Screen intended for movie theaters. Unlike the normal Second Screen app, this app is mostly based on games and sing alongs, and is a competition between other audience members. So far, two Disney movies have gotten this treatment: The Little Mermaid in September 2013 and The Nightmare Before Christmas in October 2013. It is unknown if other films are planned to have Second Screen Live experiences.

The experience

People attending these screenings were advised to download the app before going to the theater. Once inside the theater, patrons had to connect their iPad a special Wi-Fi network and had to adjust several settings on their iPad in order for the app to work. These instructions were explained at the beginning of the film. After the introduction, all the players in the theater are split up into two teams (Team Sebastian and Team Flounder for The Little Mermaid, and Team Jack Skellington and Team Oogie Boogie for The Nightmare Before Christmas). Throughout the film, there are various games the audience members play to get points. Some things that happen during the experience can also make audience members loose points, such as getting questions wrong during the trivia game. At the end of the movie, audience members get to see which team won and which audience member got the most points.


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Second Screen Live had a test screening at film convention in California, which makes it technically the first Second Screen Live film to exist.
  • This experience only made it to a small number of theaters in the United States.
  • Two Disney-related theaters played the two Second Screen Live movies: the AMC Theaters location in Disneyland's Downtown Disney, and the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.
  • At The Little Mermaid screenings, the person/team with the top score won a limited edition Little Mermaid poster limited to 1,989 pieces. Unfortunately, there was no prize for the people with the top score at The Nightmare Before Christmas screenings.
  • The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live screenings could have been compensation for the cancellation of The Little Mermaid 3D re-release. 
  • Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, introduced The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live screenings and told the audience how to set up the iPad to operate the app correctly. For The Nightmare Before Christmas, a spooky narrator recited a rhyme on how to set up the iPad. 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Second Screen Live has more pauses in the movie than The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live. Some of the pauses in The Nightmare Before Christmas version are not to pause for games, but for allowing the characters to talk to the audience. One part of the movie that was paused made it seem as if the film had been broken by Oogie Boogie, but the film eventually started up again.
  • Not all the songs in The Nightmare Before Christmas screenings were sing-alongs like The Little Mermaid screenings: some of them, including This is Halloween actually used a "match the pattern" game called "Xylo-Bones", where audience members saw a pattern being played on an xylophone-like device, and after the pattern finished, audience members had to copy it correctly. Messing up the pattern would subtract points from their score.
  • iPads were referred to as Tombstones at The Nightmare Before Christmas screening.
  • StitchChip, and Iago make cameos in several rounds of "What doesn't belong?" game in The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live app.


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