The Secretary Bird is the tertiary antagonist and King Leonidas' right-hand man in Disney's 1971 animated film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Role in the film

The secretary bird, is the right arm of King Leonidas, ruler of the animals of Naboombu's Island. His role is to inform his sovereign of the latest news on the island. The recent news is that the football match that was supposed to take place has just been canceled, for the simple reason that there is no arbitrator available. Forced to announce this unfortunate news to his sovereign, the secretary bird ended up suffering the wrath of the King and ended up being ejected from his majesty's tent with a huge roar. The secretary bird, meeting the Fishing Bear who was passing by, asked him what good wind was bringing him. The bear tells him that he has fished humans in the lagoon and that they wish to meet the King. The bird asks that we leave the King alone, not wanting to disturb him for such nonsense. After having initiated the humans in the whole affair concerning the canceled football(soccer) game, the bird closes the conversation by asking the bear to go and send the humans back to the sea. But Professor Emelius Browne, thinks he has the solution and would like to share his idea with the King about his knowledge of football(soccer). The bird takes him to see the King, and the latter, delighted to hear the professor's words, crowns him arbitrator of the match that is finally going to take place.

The secretary bird takes the other humans, Miss Eglantine Price, Charlie, Paul, and Carrie Rawlins, to his Highness' royal box to watch the match. When the King arrives on the field, he asks them to stand up. The secretary bird attends the game until the end after the King and his team have won the game. After the humans had left, the Bird noticed with horror that they had stolen the star that the King was wearing, and replaced it with a whistle. The King did not hear it with that ear, but the Bird managed to make him notice it after blowing the whistle. The King was furious, blamed him in a powerful roar for not having told him earlier, and the roar ended up undressing the Secretary Bird, to the point of finding himself completely naked.



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