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[[File:Seers.jpg|thumb|250px|Two Seers]]'''Seers''' are part of the [[Shadow Blot]]'s [[Blotlings|Blotling]] Army and the first known [[Blotlings]].
They are Blotlings that walk around with very long sticky legs like frogs. They have one eye in the center of their body, and will summon more enemies if they spot Mickey, earning them the name Seers. You first meet them in [[Dark Beauty Castle]] when the [[Mechanical Arm]] that the Mad Doctor controls is defeated. They are the lowest rank of Blotlings. In the digicomic, the seers are described by Gus as the Blot's watchdogs and even act like dogs too. When [[Mickey Mouse|Mickey]] befriends one in the digicomic, it rubs up against him affectionately like a dog with a puppy dog eye like expression.
[[File:Befriending_seer.jpg|thumb|250px|Befriending a Seer]]
Seers are very simple Blotlings to fight. They will attack by curling into a ball and roll out at you. You can counter it by using your Spin Move or jumping on them, it will make them stunned for a moment, leaving them open for a [[thinner]] or [[paint]] shower. Also, a second Spin move will kill them.{{Epic Mickey}}
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