Sensei Ty is an antagonist in Kickin' It and is seen in "Wasabi Warriors". He is the Black Dragons teacher and possibly the founder. He hates the Bobby Wasabi dojo. The reason why is that when he and Rudy were battling the Ancient Clash of the Antlers, (to see who would be the Grand Master's apprentice) the Grand Master "tooted" Ty off his stump. The problem is that Ty thought Rudy blew wind allowing him to loose concentration but really the Grand Master blew wind instead. So now Rudy and Ty are now enemies. In fact, he hates Rudy so much he made Frank cheat at the Advancement Tournament so the Bobby Wasabi dojo would lose. Kim says he is a cheater and a big baby. He is also the uncle of Julie.


  • Wasabi Warriors
  • Clash of the Titans
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