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The Sentry Robots are an army of robots that appeared in The Black Hole. They served as the security forces aboard the U.S.S. Cygnus. Silent and obedient, they carry out Dr. Reinhardt's orders without question.


Designed as security forces, the Sentry Robots guard the Cygnus. When the crew tried to commit mutiny, Reinhardt had them captured and turned into humanoid robots.

After the crew of the Palomino came aboard, the Sentry Robots went aboard to investigate and captured Charlie Pizer. They took him to the command tower where his crew was.

They also spend time in a room where they practice their laser shooting. The prototype and captain of the Sentry Robots S.T.A.R. was the sharpest shooter on the ship.

Two Sentry Robots caught V.I.N.CENT and B.O.B. nosing around in the hospital and were destroyed. Their bodies were soon found and Reinhardt gave the order to destroy the Palonimo Crew. Fortunately, when the Cygnus started to tear apart inside the black hole, the Sentry Robots went with her.


  • The appearance of the Sentry Robots seems to share the resemblance to the Stormtroopers armor and their heads share a fair similarity to Darth Vader's helmet. Another similarity to Stormtroopers is that the Sentries are fodder and they can barely hit anything - sans B.O.B..


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