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"Separate Tides" is the twentieth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on June 12, 2021, and is the first episode in the second season.


Luz feels guilty about Eda losing her powers, so she sets sail in search of a lucrative bounty to help the Owl House.


A week and a half has passed since Luz destroyed the portal and saved Eda. Eda's curse had weakened her magic and is struggling to cope. Lilith, who has also been weakened after splitting the curse between herself and her sister, has moved into the Owl House after betraying the Emperor. With the portal gone, Eda is no longer able to sell any more human garbage. So, everyone is now taking up odd jobs to earn money. Lately, they have taken up bounty hunting, which is unfortunately not earning them much.

Luz feels guilty for what happened to Eda and blames herself for the position she is in right now. So, she decides to help her by joining a crew that is out to hunt for a sea creature called the Selkidomus that will earn them millions. Meanwhile, Lilith is still adjusting to her new life at the Owl House. After leaving the Emperor's Coven, she has been declared a traitor and replaced by a witch known as the Golden Guard, who she considers to be a brat. Wanting to make up for her past mistakes, she decides to make Eda a spying potion that will allow her to spy on the Emperor's palace. Hooty offers to be help her, but she refuses.

Luz and King are at sea with the other hunters, on their way to the where the Selkidomus was last seen, the Simmering Shoals. During the voyage, Luz carries out a series of chores on the ship while King spends most of the time eating crackers. Eventually, they arrive at the Simmering Shoals and catch sight of the Selkidomus. Luz uses her ice and plant magic to successfully catch the beast, but it soon breaks away after a mysterious pirate bombards the ship and steals their money. Luz chases after the pirate to the island, who turns out to be Eda. At the same time, they lose all the money. Luz and Eda are then met by the Golden Guard, who is holding King in a birdcage. He gives them motivation to kill the Selkidomus or Luz will have to remain a sailor to pay for all the money they lost, while Eda will be arrested for attacking one of the Emperor's ships. The killing of the Selkidomus is under orders of the Emperor, despite the fact that it is a peaceful creature. Luz and Eda attack the Golden Guard, but he easily overpowers them. He again tells them to go and slay the beast or he will drown King in the boiling sea. Seeing no alternative, Luz takes the sword and goes after the Selkidomus, despite Eda's pleas. Luz believes she has to do this to make up for everything that has happened to Eda because of her.

Meanwhile, Lilith is out looking for ingredients for the scrying potion. She has so far collected everything she needs. All that is left is fire bee honey, which will not be easy to get. The fire bees are very protective of their honey. Hooty follows her and again offers to help, but Lilith again refuses. Frustrated, she yells at Hooty, sending him away. Lilith tries to get to the honey and fight the bees off with a stick. But the bees overpower her and surround her. Realizing she cannot not do this on her own, Hooty comes to her rescue and helps her get some honey.

Back on the Simmering Shoals, Luz finds the Selkidomus. She engages the beast but proves to be much stronger than her. She almost tries to go for the kill, but Eda stops her and tells Luz that she is not to blame for anything. Because of Luz, she saved Eda from turning to stone and got her talking to her sister again. Eda considers her life is a lot better now because she has a friend like Luz. Together, Luz and Eda come up with a plan that gets them out of the predicament they are in without killing the Selkidomus, especially when they discover it has a baby. Using plant and light magic, they convince the Golden Guard they have killed the Selkidomus, permitting him to let them go free and release King. However, he also warns them to stay out of trouble as the Emperor is not a merciful man. In gratitude for protecting herself and her infant, the Selkidomus rewards Luz and Eda with golden selkigris, which the creature barfs up. According to Eda, it is worth a fortune, and they will never have to worry about money again.

Back at the owl house, Lilith apologies to Hoot for sending him away while treating his stings. Hooty got severely stung by the fire bees. By the time Luz, Eda and King return home, Lilith has completed the scrying potion. Lilith tells them they can use it to spy on Emperor Belos' Castle or play tricks on the guards. Eda loves the gift and feeling in such a good mood, they decide to order take out. Although they do not watch it, the potion shows Emperor Belos continuing to rebuilding the portal.



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  • This episode along with "Escaping Expulsion" were previewed at the Paley Center in New York City for Pride Month June 5-7 2021. Unfortunately, the episodes were leaked online after the first day of the event.
    • The Amphibia episode "True Colors" notoriously also had a similar issue, though in that case it was leaked accidentally through official VOD services.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Eda has been cursed for thirty years.
  • Luz has sent two videos to her mom, but she has not received them yet.
  • Luz speaks Spanish for the fifth time:
    • "Te quiero, Mama. Te lo prometo, regresaré a casa pronto." translation "I love you mom. I promise you, I'll be back home soon."
  • The Selkidomus is based off a creature from Celtic and Norse mythology.
  • During her video, Luz tells herself to "keep moving forward". This is a possible reference to Walt Disney's speech about how Disney needs to keep innovating.
  • The first code word for the season two coded message, located on the Emperor's Coven's ship, is revealed to be "seething".
  • This episode marks the debut of a new version of the intro as well as a new end credits sequence.
  • The opening scene is a parody of the opening scene from "A Lying Witch and a Warden".

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