Sergeant Dunder is a character from the TV series TaleSpin. He works as a Thembrian soldier and is an underling of Colonel Spigot, at whose hands he suffers much abuse.

Role in the series

The name "Dunder" is taken from the word "dunderhead," a dimwit who does not do many tasks right. Unlike his fellow Thembrian soldiers, however, Sgt. Dunder does not speak with a Slavic accent, which is interestingly also a trait of Colonel Spigot, both of whom are the two main Thembrians featured on the show. He was not so much a villain like Spigot, just a character who was extremely unlucky to be born into the oppressive nation of Thembria and then made to serve under an arrogant leader such as Colonel Spigot. Baloo and Kit's plots against the Thembrians usually avoid involving Dunder.

However, in one episode, Dunder was indirectly involved, as Kit put together a plot to break Spigot emotionally. After eavesdropping on a case where Spigot gave Dunder a dressing down for poor performance and ordered Dunder "out of his sight," Kit then hacked into the intercom system and impersonated Spigot, yelling "Dunder, get in here now!" This caused Spigot to help lose his mind as he wanted Dunder out, yet all the other Thembrian soldiers backed up Dunder in saying that they, too, heard the order for Dunder to get in Spigot's office pronto.

Although Sergeant Dunder has many of the attributes of Disney villain underlings, such as not being very intelligent and being made to suffer at the hands of arrogant villains, he is at heart, a decent person, and a dedicated soldier. He does not bear any ill will towards Baloo, and will even go so far as to help Baloo when he sees there is a dangerous situation that could endanger everyone. He is voiced by Lorenzo Music, who also best known on the Disney Channel for his role as Tummi Gummi in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears and for the role of a non-Disney animated character Garfield the cat.


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