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Seti and Tarik are cousins who appear in Treasure Buddies. They help Thomas Howard and company search an Egyptian tomb for the lost collar of Cleocatra. They both portrayed by Christopher Maleki and Mo Gallini.

Role in the film

When Thomas, Peter, and Phillip arrive at Egypt, they encounter Seti and Tarik who both introduce themselves. They soon agree to accompany them on their mission to find the lost collar of Cleocatra. When Budderball accidentally eats explosive powder, he makes an explosive flatulence which causes the two men to flee thinking the explosives box was going to blow up.

Later, they help the gang find the way to Cleocatra's tomb, and find a few clues to the tomb. It is then revealed that Wellington is a grave robber, and that Seti and Tarik are his minions. They later end up getting caught in a sandstorm, but soon after it stops they get to the tomb. Phillip orders Seti and Tarik. to get the explosives, but Pete notices a slot in the door. Thomas inserts the ancient disc and the gang makes their way inside.

Soon, they stumble upon the quicksand trap, so Seti pushes Tarik to lie down to make a bridge for the group to cross. Thomas sees a paw button and presses it, causing the platform to raise with Tarik. Later, they find the same trap hall the Buddies went through earlier, and Phillip pushes Seti onto a tile, who then steps on a wrong tile, falls into a snake pit and dies. Phillip then tries to have Tarik go, but the Egyptian man is too scared to do so and flees. However, he never manages to escape, as he is eaten to death by carnivorous insects off-screen. The only thing left of him is his skeleton with his clothes still on.

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