Sexton Mouse is a minor character in Robin Hood. He is a church mouse who works in Friar Tuck's church and he is married to Little Sister.

Role in the film

Sexton and his wife, Little Sister, are first shown on Friar Tuck's head, cheering for Robin Hood and Maid Marian and participating in a dance party in which everyone present makes fun of Prince John.

The next time Sexton is seen, he is playing on an organ, using his hands and feet. He complains to Friar Tuck that nobody is coming. As his wife gives Friar Tuck their last farthing, and he blesses them both, Sexton remarks that they were saving it for a rainy day. As the Sheriff of Nottingham enters, he rudely asks what he wants, only to be shushed by his wife. He is then shown in the doorway, watching the Sheriff and Friar Tuck fight, cheering for the latter, only to see the former arrest him thanks to Trigger. He then comforts his wife who is devastated at the sight of Friar Tuck being arrested for high treason to the crown.

He and Little Sister are not seen again until the end of the film, where the two celebrate newlyweds Robin Hood and Maid Marian by throwing rice after King Richard finally returns.



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