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Seymour is the main antagonist of the TaleSpin episode "All's Whale That Ends Whale". He runs an aquarium theme park called Seymour's See More Seaquarium. Considering that Seymour is more interested in gaining profits than anything else, he is very abusive and neglecting of every animal in his care.

Role in the episode

After the escape of his star attraction, a whale by the name of Moby Dimple, Seymour sent out a reward for whomever found the whale. Baloo decided to use the opportunity to buy back the Sea Duck, since he and Kit Cloudkicker were the ones who found the whale. Seymour told the two that this was one of Dimple's many escapes. Baloo and Kit noticed an illegal Smith & Wesson Oil Double-Barreled Harpoon attached to his helicopter, but Seymour said it was merely part of his park's museum.

At the lagoon where Baloo and Kit had previously found Moby Dimple, Seymour hid his flying machine in some foliage while Baloo and Kit lured Dimple with some fish dipped in peanut butter. After the whale took the bait, Seymour came out of hiding and, after a struggle, Seymour managed to recapture Moby. Seymour gave Kit and Baloo free passes to his theme park, with promises to reward them handsomely.

The next day, Seymour hosted Moby Dimple's "Hoop of Doom" performance at the Seaquarium, which Baloo and Kit attended. After the show, Baloo and Kit approached Seymour, who gave them their due reward money. When confronted by Kit about Dimple having burned his tail during the performance, Seymour brushed off the concerns, declaring the whale to merely be an animal without feelings. Baloo and Kit then pointed out the subpar living conditions of his other animal attractions, to which Seymour stated that such maintenance costs money that he is unwilling to spend. Having heard enough of their criticizing the way he runs his park, he ordered Baloo and Kit to leave.

Later, when counting his money earned from the day's show, Seymour was met by an unexpected inspection from Inspector Burrow of ACHOO (the Agency Concerned with the Happiness of Oceanic Oddities), to whom Baloo and Kit had reported their findings of Seymour's mistreatment of the park's animals. Seymour initially attempted to bribe Burrow with money, but Burrow returned it. Nonetheless, Seymour had his two thugs quickly rig up some equipment and facsimiles to trick Burrow into thinking that Seymour's park was very clean and well maintained. Thus, Seymour passed the inspection with flying colors.

Following Burrow's departure, Baloo offers to buy Moby Dimple from Seymour with all the money Baloo has, but Seymour refused since Dimple brings in a hundred times the money Baloo offered. After demanding again that Baloo and Kit leave, Kit ran off to first say goodbye to Dimple, to which Seymour warned him and Baloo that he would not be responsible should anything happen to the two. At Dimple's tank, Seymour pulled a lever that dropped Baloo and Kit into the nearby shark tank, attempted to rid himself of the two for good, but unbeknownst to Seymour, Dimple broke into the shark wall and saved the two.

The next day, Seymour spotted a lone seal having somehow gotten over to Moby Dimple's performance tank. Unaware that this seal was actually Kit in disguise, Seymour lassoed Kit and dragged him over to the seal show, which Seymour began to host. Kit tried his best to pretend to be a real seal, but his performance with the others was lacking, angering Seymour. When part of Kit's costume detached from his hand and exposed his identity, Seymour ordered his thugs to grab him, but Kit threw a bucket of fish at the real seals, causing Seymour and his thugs to slip and fall in the ensuing confusion. This gave Kit the chance he needed to hop onto Dimple and instruct him to jump high into the air. Baloo then flew down in the Sea Duck and caught Dimple with his new Acme Portable Whale Lift, carrying him off into the air.

As Seymour gave chase in his helicopter, Baloo flew Dimple over to the city so that Inspector Burrow could see what was going on. As the two aircraft flew past Burrow, he got a glimpse of Seymour readying his helicopter's illegal harpoon. At the lagoon, Seymour landed his plan on what he thought was a small island and demanded Baloo and Kit tell him the location of his whale. As Baloo and Kit feigned ignorance, Inspector Burrow pulled up in a police boat and arrested Seymour for the possession of an illegal harpoon. Seymour was taken away as Baloo and Kit saw Moby Dimple swim off to freedom.


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  • He is a red wolf like Don Karnage and bears a striking resemblance to him.
  • While it is not known what becomes of Seymour's park after his arrest, the See More Seaquarium is later mentioned in the Goof Troop episode "Three Ring Bind" to still be in operation during that series' time (and likely by a different and more responsible management staff).

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