Sha-Ron is Fa Mulan's number one fan. Since Mulan came back from the Empiral city, she has inspired Mulan.


She appers to be brave like Mulan, has a fear of crickets, as seen on the film when Mulan sings the line, "it's ok to be afraid."


She appears just after Fa Zhou leaves to "pray", on the field with her friends and begs Mulan to teach them Kung Fu. When Shang turns up, he asks Mulan if there's somewhere private he and Mulan could talk. Sha-Ron giggles and says, "You can do it in my house". Mulan dissmisses the girls, but Sha-Ron just looks at Shang with her large black eyes. Shang gives her his helmet. She wasn't seen after she ran off with Shang's helmet.

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