Shaker (also known as Terrence) is a tall bear who performs in the Country Bear Jamboree attractions at the Disney theme parks.

He often talks and sings in a quivering voice (thus, earning him the name Shaker), plays a guitar and occasionally has a small animal companion next to him, like a penguin or an octopus.

He also appears as a walk-around character in the parks along with fellow Country Bears Big Al, Wendell and Liver Lips.


From 1972's Country Bear Jamboree record album:

Terrence is better known as the “Vibrating Wreck from Nashville Tech.” His stay at Nashville was short—the roar of the greasepaint called to him, and he became an actor. He performed often with the Bearrymores. He was known throughout the Ozarks and as far north as Joplin for his tent-show rendition of Cyrano de Beargerac (he was one of the few actors who could play the role without a false nose). A fall from the balcony in Romeo and Juliet literally brought down the house. It ended his acting career (and the stage) and he turned in his tights for a guitar.


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