Shamrock Bones is a detective friend of Mickey Mouse. He was a Paul Murry character and he even headlined in his own tales in the Netherlands.


His first appearance may have been in "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #143 (Aug. 1952) in "Mickey Mouse in the Mysterious Pill Pilot", where he first teams up with Mickey and Goofy to solve the crime of smuggled energy pills. Later in "The Case of the Talking Bone" (MM #125, reprinted in MM #216) Shamrock Bones' skills are called upon by Mickey and Goofy when Pluto brings home a talking bone with a hidden key. Shamrock Bones proves himself quite capable of solving even the toughest of mysteries, but Mickey and Goofy often do the actual "leg-work" while Shamrock serves as an investigative and forensics expert. Other tales featuring Shamrock Bones include Mickey Mouse: "Space Treasure" (MM #157); Mickey Mouse: "Trail of the Purloined Horn" (MM #160); Mickey Mouse: "The creepy case of Ghost Rock Basin" (MM #190); Mickey Mouse: "Journey to No-No Land" (WDC #357); Mickey Mouse: "The Sign of the Scorpion" (WDC #360); Mickey Mouse: "Mystery of the Counterfeit Masters" (WDC #363).

Some of Shamrock Bones' adversaries include: Dangerous Dan McBoo, Idgit the Midgit, Bad Pete, Weasel, and Emil Eagle.

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