Shane Grey is the male protagonist of Camp Rock and its sequel. He is also the lead singer of "Connect 3".

Role in the films

Camp Rock

Shane is the famous lead singer of the band "Connect 3". He is sent to Camp Rock, in hopes that it would help him, and get rid of his cocky attitude. At the camp, he hears a terrific voice and spends most of his time trying to find the girl who sang (who is really Mitchie.) Later, he meets Mitchie and they become friends, yet he doesn't know she's the girl with the voice. After Tess reveals Mitchie's secret, he loses trust in Mitchie and feels betrayed that she lied even when he told her so much about himself. He and his fellow band mates are judging Final Jam and while they are discussing the winners, he hears 'the girl with the voice' singing. As he turns around and sees that it is Mitchie, all his regrets about her are gone and he sings the rest of the song with her.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

In the sequel, Shane is back at Camp so he can get to know Mitchie better but that doesn't turn out well when she's to busy on saving the Camp from rival Camp Star. They have a brief argument but they make up. At the end, Camp Rock loses and Shane and Mitchie kiss and join their friends at the Campfire.


Shane Grey has an overconfident and arrogant personality from being so famous. He thinks the world revolves around him and demands everything because he is a pop star. In order for his band to function properly, he is sent to Camp Rock for good publicity, but while he is there he forms friendships and a new, friendly personality.


Shane's family is gradually revealed in the first and second Camp Rock films; in the original, the only known relative of Shane is his uncle. It is revealed in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam that his bandmates are also his brothers.

  • Brown Cessario (uncle and owner of camp rock)
  • Jason Grey (it is revealed in the sequel that they are brothers)
  • Nate Grey (it is revealed in the sequel that they are brothers)
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